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Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylic Mediums and Additives

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Gloss Medium
Gloss Medium
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Gloss Medium
Gloss Medium
Flow Improver 125 ml Jar
Flow Improver
Flow Improver 250 ml Jar
Flow Improver
Glazing Medium 125 ml Bottle
Glazing Medium
Glazing Medium 250 ml Bottle
Glazing Medium
Glazing Medium 500 ml Bottle
Glazing Medium
Gloss Gel 237 ml Jar
Gloss Gel
Gloss Gel 474 ml Jar
Gloss Gel
Gloss Medium 250 ml Jar
Gloss Medium
Gloss Medium 500 ml Bottle
Gloss Medium
Matt Gel 237 ml Jar
Matt Gel
Matt Gel 474 ml Jar
Matt Gel
Matt Medium 250 ml Bottle
Matt Medium
Matt Medium 500 ml Bottle
Matt Medium
Modeling Paste 237 ml Jar
Modeling Paste
Modeling Paste 474 ml Jar
Modeling Paste
Slow Drying Medium 125 ml Jar
Slow Drying
Slow Drying Medium 250 ml Bottle
Slow Drying
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Use to improve flow of acrylic paints, add body, lengthen drying time and more! 

Of course acrylic paint straight from the tube can be beautiful, but why not spice it up and experiment with mediums and additives? Some are designed to assist with technical aspects like lengthening the drying time of paint, or increasing the flow. Others are intended as aesthetic qualifiers, adding or subtracting sheen, increasing transparency, or adding thickness and body. Mediums are what make acrylics among the most versatile paints out there: from delicate watercolor effects to near-sculptural impasto and everything in between, Artists’ Acrylic Mediums and Additives will help you make your artistic vision a reality! 

  • Glazing Medium - Adds transparency.
  • Gloss MediumIncreases the transparency and flow.
  • Matt Medium Increases the transparency and flow of your paints, while decreasing the gloss finish.
  • Gloss Gel Increases the transparency of your paint without decreasing the body.
  • Matt Gel - Increases the transparency of your paint without decreasing the body, adds a matt finish.
  • Modelling Paste - Adds texture and structure to your painting.
  • Flow Improver - Greatly increases the flow of your colors for watercolor, hard edge, and staining techniques.
  • Slow Drying Medium - Increases the drying time of your acrylic paints.


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Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylic Mediums and Additives
Winsor & Newton Artists' - spacerFlow Improver125 ml JarV03344$11.49$7.99$6.89IN STOCK
spacerFlow Improver250 ml JarV03345$17.59$12.29$10.55OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/07/2015)
Winsor & Newton Artists' - spacerGlazing Medium125 ml JarV03329$11.49$7.99$6.89IN STOCK
spacerGlazing Medium250 ml JarV03330$17.59$12.29$10.55IN STOCK
spacerGlazing Medium500 ml JarV03331$29.99$20.99$17.99IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Artists' - spacerGloss Gel237 ml JarV03336$17.59$12.29$10.55IN STOCK
spacerGloss Gel474 ml JarV03337$29.99$20.99$17.99IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Artists' - spacerGloss Medium250 ml JarV03332$17.59$12.29$10.55OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/25/2015)
spacerGloss Medium500 ml JarV03333$29.99$20.99$17.99IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Artists' - spacerMatt Gel237 ml JarV03338$17.59$12.29$10.55IN STOCK
spacerMatt Gel474 ml JarV03339$29.99$20.99$17.99IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Artists' - spacerMatt Medium250 ml JarV03334$17.59$12.29$10.55IN STOCK
spacerMatt Medium500 ml JarV03335$29.99$20.99$17.99IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Artists' - spacerModeling Paste237 ml JarV03340$17.59$12.29$10.55IN STOCK
spacerModeling Paste474 ml JarV03341$29.99$20.99$17.99IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Artists' - spacerSlow Dry Medium125 ml JarV03342$11.49$7.99$6.89OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/10/2015)
spacerSlow Dry Medium250 ml JarV03343$17.59$12.29$10.55IN STOCK
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