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Modern Options Metallic Surfacers and Patina Solutions

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Permanent and fade resistant
Permanent and fade resistant

Over thirty years of experience serving the needs of Artists, Surface Designers, Decorators and Gilders!

  • All products are permanent and fade resistant
  • All products are ideal for exterior applications
  • Perfect for home décor, garden ornaments and craft projects of all types
  • Metallic Surfacers - These various mediums contain pure ground metals suspended in a water-based acrylic solution. Use on textiles, canvas, Claybord, metal or wood for a myriad of painting effects and faux finishes. They provide opaque coverage with lightfast results. May be brushed or spayed on. 
    • Use on wood, plaster, ceramic, metal, plastic and cloth
    • Easy to apply—requires no special skills
    • Use indoors or outdoors
    • Water-based for easy cleanup
  • Patina Solutions - Applied over Metallic Surfacers, these colored solutions actually oxidize to an aged verdigris or textural rust. 
  • Tinting Solutions - These are not oxidation agents, but lightly pigmented solutions that add contrast, depth and color to Modern Option's finishes.
    • Antiquing Solutions create a true patina or rust finish
    • Tinting Solutions provide contrast and texture 
    • No special tools required
    • Use indoors or outdoors
    • Water-based for easy cleanup

Modern Options Metallic Surfacers and Patina Solutions SIZECOLORITEM #LISTJERRY'SSTATUS QTY 
Antiquing Solution4 oz BottleInstant Rust58123$7.77$7.77IN STOCK
Antiquing Solution8 oz BottleInstant Rust58124$13.68$13.68IN STOCK
Antiquing Solution16 oz BottleInstant Rust58125$18.52$18.52IN STOCK
Antiquing SolutionGallon BottleInstant Rust58126$74.28$74.28IN STOCK
Antiquing Solution4 oz BottlePatina Blue58131$7.77$7.77IN STOCK
Antiquing Solution8 oz BottlePatina Blue58132$13.68$13.68IN STOCK
Antiquing Solution16 oz BottlePatina Blue58133$18.52$18.52IN STOCK
Antiquing SolutionGallon BottlePatina Blue58134$74.28$74.28IN STOCK
Antiquing Solution4 oz BottlePatina Green58127$7.77$7.77IN STOCK
Antiquing Solution8 oz BottlePatina Green58128$13.68$13.68IN STOCK
Antiquing Solution16 oz BottlePatina Green58129$18.52$18.52IN STOCK
Antiquing SolutionGallon BottlePatina Green58130$74.28$74.28IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer4 oz BottleBlackened Bronze58115$12.80$12.80IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer8 oz BottleBlackened Bronze58116$22.12$22.12IN STOCK
Metallic SurfacerGallon BottleBlackened Bronze58118$162.37$162.37IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer4 oz BottleBlonde Bronze58110$12.80$12.80IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer8 oz BottleBlonde Bronze58111$22.12$22.12IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer16 oz BottleBlonde Bronze58112$36.31$36.31IN STOCK
Metallic SurfacerGallon BottleBlonde Bronze58114$162.37$162.37IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer4 oz BottleCopper Topper58102$12.80$12.80OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/22/2014)
Metallic Surfacer8 oz BottleCopper Topper58103$22.12$22.12IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer16 oz BottleCopper Topper58104$37.42$37.42IN STOCK
Metallic SurfacerGallon BottleCopper Topper58105$162.37$162.37IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer4 oz BottleGilded Gold58106$12.80$12.80IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer8 oz BottleGilded Gold58107$22.12$22.12IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer16 oz BottleGilded Gold58108$37.42$37.42IN STOCK
Metallic SurfacerGallon BottleGilded Gold58109$162.37$162.37IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer4 oz BottleInstant Iron58098$12.80$12.80IN STOCK
Additional Information.
Metallic Surfacer8 oz BottleInstant Iron58099$22.12$22.12OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/12/2014)
Metallic Surfacer16 oz BottleInstant Iron58100$37.42$37.42IN STOCK
Metallic SurfacerGallon BottleInstant Iron58101$162.37$162.37IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer4 oz BottleSilver Plate58119$12.80$12.80IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer8 oz BottleSilver Plate58120$22.12$22.12IN STOCK
Metallic Surfacer16 oz BottleSilver Plate58121$37.42$37.42IN STOCK
Metallic SurfacerGallon BottleSilver Plate58122$162.37$162.37IN STOCK
Primo Metal Primer4 oz Bottle58151$10.39$10.39IN STOCK
Primo Metal Primer8 oz Bottle58152$15.00$15.00IN STOCK
Primo Primer & Sealer4 oz Bottle58147$10.30$10.30IN STOCK
Primo Primer & Sealer8 oz Bottle58148$15.00$15.00IN STOCK
Primo Primer & Sealer16 oz Bottle58149$22.12$22.12IN STOCK
Primo Primer & SealerGallon Bottle58150$86.51$86.51IN STOCK
Tinting Solution4 oz BottleBlack Tint58135$7.77$7.77IN STOCK
Tinting Solution8 oz BottleBlack Tint58136$13.68$13.68IN STOCK
Tinting Solution16 oz BottleBlack Tint58137$18.52$18.52IN STOCK
Tinting SolutionGallon BottleBlack Tint58138$74.28$74.28IN STOCK
Tinting Solution4 oz BottleBurgundy Tint58139$7.77$7.77IN STOCK
Tinting Solution8 oz BottleBurgundy Tint58140$13.68$13.68IN STOCK
Tinting Solution16 oz BottleBurgundy Tint58141$18.52$18.52IN STOCK
Tinting SolutionGallon BottleBurgundy Tint58142$74.28$74.28IN STOCK
49 items in this category.

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