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Lascaux Acrylics and Mediums

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The Handcrafted Art of Color Making—Imported from Switzerland

In the late 1950’s, Lascaux’s founder, Alois K. Diethelm helped pioneer the development of acrylic colors for artists. Dedicated to the creation of only the highest quality paints Lascaux, now through the founder’s daughter, continues to innovate making unsurpassed products.

The process of making such high quality colors includes a complex formula of 19 different components and the highest possible concentration of the world’s finest pigments. Here the making of acrylics is a love affair and art form. Small batches of color are controlled not only by modern equipment but by the skilled eye of the paint maker. After completion the color is put through a triple-roll mill which eliminates excess air pockets and enhances the vehicle dispersion for unsurpassed brilliance.

Even the filling of the product is hand controlled to insure that the final product you receive lives up to their reputation. This Swiss made acrylic is the zenith of color, providing you with a uniquely pleasurable painting experience and the most expressive color of its kind. Enjoy!

Lascaux Acrylic Gouache
Lascaux Acrylic Mediums
Lascaux Aquacryl Hybrid Acrylics
Lascaux Aquacryl Mediums
Lascaux Studio Bronze Metallic Acrylics
Lascaux Studio Pourable Acrylics
Lascaux Thick Bodied Artist Acrylics

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