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Grumbacher Academy Acrylics

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Grumbacher Academy Acrylic Paint
Grumbacher Academy Acrylic Paint
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Grumbacher Academy Acrylic Paint
Academy Acrylic
Grumbacher Academy Acrylic 90 ml tube
90 ml Tube
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Creators of Art Materials Since 1905

Acrylic paint is a relatively new medium in the pantheon of artistic media. Developed in the mid part of the 20th century as a house paint, acrylics were first used in the art realm by muralists. It covered large areas fairly quickly and had a much faster drying speed than oil based paints. Grumbacher® Academy® Acrylics follow that chain of artistic evolution. 

More technologically advanced than the earliest versions of acrylic, Grumbacher colors consist of artist quality pigments uniformly dispersed in an aqueous acrylic emulsion. The binding vehicle consists of droplets of an acrylic resin suspended in water. As the water evaporates, the droplets of resin combine to form a crystal clear film. This film imparts an exceptional luminosity and vibrancy to the colors. 

Academy acrylic colors provide the artist with a versatile option for painting and crafting. Thinned with water, the paint can be applied in delicate, translucent layers much like watercolor. Straight from the tube, or thickened with a medium, these colors can be applied to a canvas with the same techniques used for oil color. Academy acrylics can also be thinly applied to layers of paper for a decoupage effect. The possibilities are as limitless as the artist's imagination.

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Grumbacher Academy Acrylics
Grumbacher - Alizarin CrimsonspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeAlizarin Crimson80697$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Burnt SiennaspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeBurnt Sienna80698$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Burnt UmberspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeBurnt Umber80699$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Cadmium OrangespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeCadmium Orange80700$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Cadmium Red Deep HuespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeCadmium Red Deep HueV06243$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Cadmium Red LightspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeCadmium Red Light80701$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Cadmium Red MediumspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeCadmium Red Medium80702$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Cadmium Yellow Deep HuespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeCadmium Yellow Deep HueV06244$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Cadmium Yellow LightspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeCadmium Yellow Light80703$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Cadmium Yellow MediumspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeCadmium Yellow Medium80704$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Cerulean Blue HuespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeCerulean Blue Hue80705$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Cobalt Blue HuespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeCobalt Blue Hue80706$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Deep VioletspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeDeep VioletV06245$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Dioxazine PurplespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeDioxazine Purple80707$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - French Ultramarine BluespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeFrench Ultramarine Blue80708$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Grumbacher RedspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeGrumbacher Red80709$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Hookers Green HuespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeHookers Green Hue80710$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Iridescent WhitespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeIridescent WhiteV06246$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Ivory BlackspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeIvory BlackV06247$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Lamp BlackspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeLamp BlackV06248$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Lemon YellowspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeLemon YellowV06249$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Mars BlackspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeMars Black80711$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Mixing WhitespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeMixing WhiteV06250$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Naples YellowspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeNaples YellowV06251$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Neutral GreyspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeNeutral GreyV06252$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Pale PinkspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubePale PinkV06253$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Payne's GreyspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubePayne's Grey80712$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Permanent Blue LightspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubePermanent Blue LightV06254$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Permanent Green LightspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubePermanent Green LightV06255$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Process CyanspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeProcess CyanV06256$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Process MagentaspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeProcess MagentaV06257$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Process YellowspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeProcess YellowV06258$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Prussian BluespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubePrussian BlueV06259$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Raw SiennaspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeRaw Sienna80713$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Raw UmberspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeRaw Umber80714$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Sap GreenspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeSap GreenV06260$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Thalo BluespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeThalo Blue80715$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Thalo GoldspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeThalo GoldV06261$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Thalo Green (Blue Shade)spacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeThalo Green (Blue Shade)80716$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Thalo SilverspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeThalo SilverV06262$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Thalo Yellow GreenspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeThalo Yellow Green80717$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Thio VioletspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeThio Violet80718$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Titanium WhitespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeTitanium White80719$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Turquoise GreenspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeTurquoise GreenV06263$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Unbleached Titanium WhitespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeUnbleached Titanium WhiteV06264$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - VermillionspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeVermillionV06265$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Warm GreyspacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeWarm GreyV06266$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
Grumbacher - Yellow Ochre HuespacerAcademy Acrylic90 ml TubeYellow Ochre Hue80720$6.50$3.69IN STOCK
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