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GOLDEN Gel Topcoats

Golden Artist Colors
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Gel Topcoats
Gel Topcoats
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Gel Topcoats
Protect materials from fading and deterioration caused by exposure to UV radiation.
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Along with the Digital Grounds, GOLDEN is also introducing two completely new Gel Topcoats with UVLS available in both Gloss and Semi-Gloss sheens. These gels can be used to add texture, create a clear barrier prior to working with paint or other materials, modify sheen, and provide a non-removable, water-based topcoat while also having the benefit of ultra violet light filters and stabilizers for protection against fading. 

In extensive testing, a 10 mil film of the Gel Topcoat has provided a similar degree of UV protection as GOLDEN MSA Varnishes and was able to preserve even fugitive dye and pigment-based inks after exposure to 1600 hours in a QUV Weatherometer, at 140° F, with ambient humidity normally below 50%. The accumulative UV exposure correlates roughly to the amount of UV one would expect from 100+ years of typical indoor gallery-lit conditions. 

In addition, the Gel Topcoats will help lower overall water-sensitivity, limit air exposure, and provide increased durability. Overall, when used as a final layer, these gels should greatly increase the longevity and lightfastness of whatever digital media you are working with. However, if exhibiting your pieces without glass, we still strongly recommend applying one of our removable varnishes in addition to the Gel Topcoat to facilitate cleaning and future conservation. 

Lastly, while initially developed as a topcoat for digital prints, the new GOLDEN Gel Topcoats are fully compatible with other GOLDEN Gels, Mediums, and Acrylic Colors and therefore, can be used whenever their attributes are needed. For example, they can be used to create gel skins, image gel transfers, decoupage collage elements, extend paints or increase their transparency, create a wet layer to work into, or simply as a clear ground to work on top of. 

Just keep in mind that whenever mixing these gels with other materials, one is also lowering the degree of protection they can provide any underlying layers. In addition, maximum protection is only afforded when the gel sits up on top of the layer it needs to protect. Fugitive materials mixed into the gel will not  fully benefit from its ability to provide  UV protection.

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Golden Gloss Gel Topcoat8 oz Jar83097$24.89$17.42IN STOCK
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Golden Semi-Gloss Gel Topcoat8 oz Jar83101$24.89$17.42IN STOCK
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Golden Semi-Gloss Gel Topcoat16 oz Jar83102$41.99$29.39IN STOCK
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Golden Semi-Gloss Gel Topcoat32 oz Jar83103$64.19$44.93OUT OF STOCK
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Golden Semi-Gloss Gel Topcoat1 Gallon83104$180.69$126.48IN STOCK
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