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Chroma Atelier Interactive Mediums and Additives

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Atelier Interactive Mediums and Additives
Atelier Interactive Mediums and Additives
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Atelier Interactive Mediums and Additives
Unlocking Formula
Black Drawing Ink
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The 4 mediums in the box below have been specifically designed for the Atelier Interactive product line. Of course, you can still use all the standard mediums/additives with Atelier Interactive as well. Just be aware, however, that the use of some of these mediums will cut down the reopening time.

Unlocking Formula - When adding moisture won't open the paint, simply spray a little unlocking formula and the paint will rewet and you can continue.

Fast Medium/Fixer - Just add a little to the paint when you want to aggressively scratch or scrape so as not to pull up the layer. Great for fast glazing and quick layering techniques.

Slow Medium - Just add a little when you want to thin the viscosity, and to give yourself more time to reopen the paint.  Ideal for larger paintings.  It tacks up quickly, but it can easily be brought back to a more fluid stage by spraying with water. 

Thick Slow Medium -  Just add a little when you want to maximize the viscosity, and have the acrylic remain open for an extended period of time.

Since Atelier Interactive can be used conventionally in fast-drying techniques, or used for  slow-drying techniques, it is sensible to divide the mediums along the same lines.
Mediums for Fast, Conventional Techniques - *Note that Modelling Compound and Impasto Gel use conventional fast-drying technology, but when they are applied thickly they can take quite some time to dry.

  • Binder Medium - can be used as a sealer for preparing surfaces to paint on, or added directly to the paint for more gloss and faster drying.  If mixed directly with Interactive, you will not be able to reopen those mixtures. It can also be used as isolation coat between layers of paint.  Remembering that Interactive is designed so you can blend paint layers, if you KNOW you do not want the next layer to blend and interact with the lower layers, applying an isolation coat of Binder on top of a touch-dry layer ensures that the layers won't mix. It can also be used as a glue for collage.
  • Fast Medium/Fixer - is used to dilute paint for thin glazes when they are intended to dry quickly and can also be used as a clear coat to seal tender surfaces. This "tender" stage happens when the paint is still curing and it eventually becomes as tough as one would expect, so this clear coat is only used as a means of speeding the painting process.
  • Modelling Compound - gives the sharpest textural effects.  It can be mixed with the paint, but usually it is used alone to create texture and later over painted.  It can be applied at any stage of the process when the artist decides to add texture.
  • Impasto Gel - creates a more translucent and buttery paint and increases gloss levels. It can also be used as an adhesive to bond other materials to the painting.

Mediums for New Slow-Drying Techniques - The slow mediums are more difficult to describe: they are not only about consistency but they also have an influence on the painting process itself. 
  • Clear Painting Medium - is one of  the most popular mediums in acrylic painting.  It is used with the paint to dilute the viscosity and blend colors without losing pigment intensity. This mid-viscosity medium allows paint to spread over a surface for more blendable gradations of color.
  • Thick Slow Medium - has a gel-like consistency and is useful when artists want to have more blending time but do not want a thinner paint.  Very concentrated, it is best used in small amounts. It's typically kept off to the side and added to the color mix as needed.  Great for plein air painting!
  • Liquid Slow Medium - is designed to extend the wet blending time on the surface. It will cut the viscosity of the paint, making it more translucent and is very useful for glazing. It also allows thinly applied paint to remain workable. Although Liquid Slow Medium can tack up quickly on your painting, paint that feels dry to the touch can be reactivated with water for reblending techniques.  In its tight tacky stage, it feels like an alkyd medium being used with oil paint for scumbling; but because this is a water-based interactive medium, it can easily be brought back to a more fluid stage by spraying with water.  
  • Retarder - slows down the drying process when added to acrylics and mediums.  Retarder is particularly useful when painting wet-over-wet or wet-over-dry techniques. About 10% addition to any of the three mediums above can be useful for painting outdoors or in very dry conditions.
  • Unlocking Formula - is used to reopen touch-dry layers when water no longer reopens the paint. It's sprayed onto touch-dry, but not cured paint, to soften edges, blend colors and remove paint.
  • Waterproof Black Drawing Ink - may be used as supplied or diluted with water. Washes can be made from intense black through pale mid tone grey according to water addition. It is ideal for brush or pen. Note: Dilute 1:1 for pen work.

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Chroma Atelier Interactive Mediums and Additives
Interactive Professional - spacerInteractive Professional Sample Set of 5 Mediums2 oz Bottles75569$13.19$9.89IN STOCK
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Interactive Professional - spacerInteractive Professional Clear Painting Medium250 ml Bottle71290$10.31$7.73IN STOCK
Interactive Professional - spacerInteractive Professional Fast Medium/Fixer250 ml Bottle73813$11.60$8.70IN STOCK
Interactive Professional - spacerInteractive Professional Impasto Gel250 ml Bottle71299$11.38$8.54IN STOCK
spacerInteractive Professional Impasto Gel16 oz Bottle71303$16.52$12.39IN STOCK
spacerInteractive Professional Impasto Gel1 Gallon71311$99.18$74.39IN STOCK
Interactive Professional - spacerInteractive Professional Modeling Compound250 ml Bottle71301$11.38$8.54IN STOCK
spacerInteractive Professional Modeling Compound16 oz Bottle71304$16.52$12.39IN STOCK
spacerInteractive Professional Modeling Compound1 Gallon71312$99.18$74.39IN STOCK
Interactive Professional - spacerInteractive Professional Retarder Medium250 ml Bottle71293$12.89$9.67IN STOCK
Interactive Professional - spacerInteractive Professional Slow Medium250 ml Bottle73814$11.60$8.70IN STOCK
Interactive Professional - spacerInteractive Professional Thick Slow Medium250 ml Bottle79526$11.60$8.70IN STOCK
Interactive Professional - spacerInteractive Professional Unlocking Formula250 ml Bottle73815$11.60$8.70IN STOCK
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Interactive Professional - spacerInteractive Professional Waterproof Black Drawing Ink250 ml Bottle71289$11.02$8.27IN STOCK
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