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Art Spectrum Soft Pastels and Sets

Art Spectrum
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Art Spectrum soft pastels are ground many times over to a texture that is velvet smooth yet robust enough to retain the structural integrity required for detailed passages in the later stage of a work. All Art Spectrum pastels reflect the nature of the pigment rather than being altered to conform to how a pastel should behave. For this reason, Art Spectrum pastels exhibit a varying degree of softness unique to the pigment used. For the artist, this means a highly practical and usable range in all. In fact, many noted pastel artists use only Art Spectrum pastels from the blank paper to the finished work. 

Absolutely non-greasy, Art Spectrum pastels build beautiful multiple layers of overlay, especially when used in conjunction with Colourfix fine tooth papers and primers. Particularly noted for it's "darkest darks", the Art Spectrum pastels range is extraordinarily pure of hue. Art Spectrum produce only useful tints in each color avoiding the "one pure color, two dark tones and three pale tints" formula. Neither too hard nor overly soft, the 135 pure pigments and tints available in the Art Spectrum range make it the pastel of choice for artists in Australia and increasingly, around the world.
Art Spectrum Colourfix Pastels
Art Spectrum Colourfix Pastel Set
Art Spectrum Extra Soft Pastels
Art Spectrum Soft Pastels
Art Spectrum Soft Pastel Sets


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