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Premium card weight (360gsm/170lbs)
Premium card weight (360gsm/170lbs)
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Premium card weight (360gsm/170lbs)
Three - by Deborah Secor
Sample Artwork
Gouache on PastelMat - Deborah Secor
Sample Artwork
Labors of Man - by Richard McKinley
Sample Artwork
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  • Unique velvety surface with excellent grabbing power
  • Holds many layers of pastel
  • Reduces the need for fixative
  • Gentle on fingers & tools
  • Premium card weight (360gsm/170lbs)
  • Use with wet and dry media
  • Available in 8 colors

PastelMat® is a premium card surface (360gsm / 170lb) specially developed for pastelists. Its unique velvety surface, made from a fine coating of cellulose fibers, has the ability to grab and hold multiple layers of even the softest pastels.

PastelMat significantly reduces the need for fixative, which means that colors remain vibrant and fresh once applied. It has the added bonus of being gentle on both fingers and blending tools. It is acid free and lightfast.

PastelMat is ideal for use with all dry media - pastel sticks, PanPastel, pencils and charcoal. It is also water resistant which means that it can be used with wet media – such as acrylics and watercolor for washes and mixed media techniques.

PastelMat Pads
Selection A - 3 sheets each: White / Anthracite / Sienna / Brown
Selection B - 3 sheets each: Maize / Buttercup / Dark Grey / Light Grey
White - 12 sheets of clean white sanded pastel paper

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PastelMat® - Assorted ColorsspacerSelection A7x9" PadAssorted ColorsV02358$40.55$25.99IN STOCK
spacerSelection A9x12" PadAssorted ColorsV02359$58.99$37.79IN STOCK
spacerSelection A12x16" PadAssorted ColorsV02360$94.99$60.79IN STOCK
PastelMat® - Assorted ColorsspacerSelection B7x9" PadAssorted ColorsV02361$40.55$25.99IN STOCK
spacerSelection B9x12" PadAssorted ColorsV02362$58.99$37.79IN STOCK
spacerSelection B12x16" PadAssorted ColorsV02363$94.99$60.79IN STOCK
PastelMat® - Whitespacer7x9" PadWhiteV11641$40.55$25.99IN STOCK
spacer9x12" PadWhiteV11642$58.99$37.79IN STOCK
spacer12x16" PadWhiteV11643$94.99$60.79IN STOCK
PastelMat® - Anthracitespacer5-Pack20x28"AnthraciteV02364A$89.95$57.59IN STOCK
spacer5-Pack40x28"AnthraciteV05264A$169.95$110.49IN STOCK
PastelMat® - Brownspacer5-Pack20x28"BrownV02366A$89.95$57.59OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/10/2016)
spacer5-Pack40x28"BrownV05265A$169.95$110.49IN STOCK
PastelMat® - Buttercupspacer5-Pack20x28"ButtercupV02371A$89.95$57.59OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/01/2016)
spacer5-Pack40x28"ButtercupV05266A$169.95$110.49IN STOCK
PastelMat® - Dark Greyspacer5-Pack20x28"Dark GreyV02368A$89.95$57.59IN STOCK
spacer5-Pack40x28"Dark GreyV05267A$169.95$110.49IN STOCK
PastelMat® - Light Greyspacer5-Pack20x28"Light GreyV02369A$89.95$57.59IN STOCK
spacer5-Pack40x28"Light GreyV05268A$169.95$110.49IN STOCK
PastelMat® - Maizespacer5-Pack20x28"MaizeV02370A$89.95$57.59OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/01/2016)
spacer5-Pack40x28"MaizeV05269A$169.95$110.49IN STOCK
PastelMat® - Siennaspacer5-Pack20x28"SiennaV02367A$89.95$57.59IN STOCK
spacer5-Pack40x28"SiennaV05270A$169.95$110.49IN STOCK
PastelMat® - Whitespacer5-Pack20x28"WhiteV02365A$89.95$57.59IN STOCK
spacer5-Pack40x28"WhiteV05271A$169.95$110.49IN STOCK
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