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Weber Water-Mixable wOil Colors

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The wOil range has been formulated using many single pigments for brilliance of color and clean color mixing.
The wOil range has been formulated using many single pigments for brilliance of color and clean color mixing.
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The wOil range has been formulated using many single pigments for brilliance of color and clean color mixing.
All wOil colors are rated Lightfastness I or II and are recommended as permanent for artists\' use.
Even though these colors can mix with water, they still retain the characteristics of traditional oil color.
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Martin/F. Weber Co. has over 150 years of artist material manufacturing excellence. With this experience, you are guaranteed that we have selected only the finest raw materials, and carefully formulated them, to manufacture wOil® Water Mixable Oil Colors.

The wOil range has been formulated using many single pigments for brilliance of color and clean color mixing. The most suitable oils and dispersion methods have been selected to bring out the individual color characteristics, from opacity to transparency.

There is no water in the wOil formulation. The linseed oil and safflower oil vehicles have been modified to allow the color to mix with water, creating a stable emulsion, while retaining the working characteristics of traditional oil color.

  • wOil Consistency/Viscosity - wOil has a very smooth buttery consistency which allows ease of use for the artist. The viscosity or thickness of the color is medium to heavy body which can be used directly from the tube or thinned with water or with wOil mediums as desired.
  • wOil Color and blending - wOil colors can be blended with traditional oil color and mediums. wOil Color is not classified as a water based color but can be blended with acrylic based color (add a few drops of water).
  • wOil Color Luster - The reflective quality of the wOil film varies from color to color because each pigment requires differing volumes of oil in formulation. The addition of water mixed to thin the color as well as the use of wOil mediums will also alter surface luster.
  • wOil Permanence - Most artists want to be sure that their colors are permanent. Pigment developments have led to continued improvements in the lightfastness of artists' colors. These improvements have been utilized in wOil. All wOil colors are rated Lightfastness I or II and are recommended as permanent for artists' use.
  • wOil Drying time - When wOil is thinned with water, the water evaporates from the paint film fairly rapidly, leaving behind a traditional film of oil that dries by means of oxidation. The different drying rates of wOil colors are due to the different reaction of each pigment when mixed with oil. wOil colors should dry between 3 and 5 days which is slightly faster than traditional oil colors.

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Weber Water-Mixable wOil Colors
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Alizarin Crimson Permanentspacer37 ml TubeAlizarin Crimson PermanentV00639$12.79$6.39IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeAlizarin Crimson PermanentV03880$26.29$13.19IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Burnt Siennaspacer37 ml TubeBurnt SiennaV00640$7.49$3.79OUT OF STOCK
(till 04/23/2015)
spacer150 ml TubeBurnt SiennaV03881$15.79$7.89IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Burnt Umber Coolspacer37 ml TubeBurnt Umber CoolV00641$7.49$3.79IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeBurnt Umber CoolV03882$15.79$7.89IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Cadmium Orange Huespacer37 ml TubeCadmium Orange HueV00642$12.79$6.39IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeCadmium Orange HueV03883$26.29$13.19IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Cadmium Red Light Huespacer37 ml TubeCadmium Red Light HueV00643$12.79$6.39IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Cadmium Red Medium Huespacer37 ml TubeCadmium Red Medium HueV00644$12.79$6.39IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeCadmium Red Medium HueV03884$26.29$13.19IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Cadmium Yellow Light Huespacer37 ml TubeCadmium Yellow Light HueV00645$12.79$6.39OUT OF STOCK
(till 04/23/2015)
spacer150 ml TubeCadmium Yellow Light HueV03885$26.29$13.19IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Cadmium Yellow Medium Huespacer37 ml TubeCadmium Yellow Medium HueV00646$12.79$6.39IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeCadmium Yellow Medium HueV03886$26.29$13.19IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Cerulean Blue Huespacer37 ml TubeCerulean Blue HueV00647$10.49$5.29IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeCerulean Blue HueV03887$20.99$10.49IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Chrome Oxide Greenspacer37 ml TubeChrome Oxide GreenV00648$10.49$5.29IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeChrome Oxide GreenV03888$20.99$10.49IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Cobalt Blue Huespacer37 ml TubeCobalt Blue HueV00649$10.49$5.29OUT OF STOCK
(till 04/23/2015)
spacer150 ml TubeCobalt Blue HueV03889$20.99$10.49IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Dioxazine Purplespacer37 ml TubeDioxazine PurpleV00650$12.79$6.39IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeDioxazine PurpleV03890$26.29$13.19IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - French Ultramarine Bluespacer37 ml TubeFrench Ultramarine BlueV00651$10.49$5.29IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeFrench Ultramarine BlueV03891$20.99$10.49IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Ivory Black (Warm)spacer37 ml TubeIvory Black (Warm)V00652$7.49$3.79IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeIvory Black (Warm)V03892$15.79$7.89IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Magentaspacer37 ml TubeMagentaV00653$12.79$6.39IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeMagentaV03893$26.29$13.19IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Mars Black (Cool)spacer37 ml TubeMars Black (Cool)V00654$7.49$3.79OUT OF STOCK
(till 04/23/2015)
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Naples Yellow Huespacer37 ml TubeNaples Yellow HueV00655$10.49$5.29IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Payne's Greyspacer37 ml TubePayne's GreyV00656$7.49$3.79IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Phthalo Blue (Blue Shade)spacer37 ml TubePhthalo Blue (Blue Shade)V00657$10.49$5.29IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Phthalo Green (Blue Shade)spacer37 ml TubePhthalo Green (Blue Shade)V00658$10.49$5.29IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Phthalo Yellow Greenspacer37 ml TubePhthalo Yellow GreenV00659$10.49$5.29IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubePhthalo Yellow GreenV03894$20.99$10.49IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Prussian Bluespacer37 ml TubePrussian BlueV00660$10.49$5.29IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Raw Siennaspacer37 ml TubeRaw SiennaV00661$7.49$3.79IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeRaw SiennaV03895$15.79$7.89IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Raw Umberspacer37 ml TubeRaw UmberV00662$7.49$3.79IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Red Permanentspacer37 ml TubeRed PermanentV00663$12.79$6.39IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeRed PermanentV03896$26.29$13.19IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Rose Permanentspacer37 ml TubeRose PermanentV00664$12.79$6.39IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Sap Greenspacer37 ml TubeSap GreenV00665$10.49$5.29IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeSap GreenV03897$20.99$10.49IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Ultramarine Violetspacer37 ml TubeUltramarine VioletV00666$7.49$3.79IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Van Dyke Brownspacer37 ml TubeVan Dyke BrownV00667$7.49$3.79IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Viridianspacer37 ml TubeViridianV00668$12.79$6.39IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - White Permanentspacer37 ml TubeWhite PermanentV00669$7.49$3.79IN STOCK
spacer150 ml TubeWhite PermanentV03898$15.79$7.89IN STOCK
Weber Water-soluble wOil - Yellow Ochrespacer37 ml TubeYellow OchreV00670$7.49$3.79OUT OF STOCK
(till 05/18/2015)
spacer150 ml TubeYellow OchreV03899$15.79$7.89IN STOCK
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