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InstaFrame Decorative Frames - Elite Wood Series

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Complete framing in under a minute!

InstaFrames are good looking wood frames that require no tools to install or hang your art. In under a minute you're finished. It is that simple! Each wood frame comes complete with unbreakable acrylic glazing, super flexi fitting clips, MDF hardboard and two installed hangers. 

Just flip up fitting clips with finger, remove backing board, place in your matted or mounted art, flip back the fitting clips and hang. That's it! These wood frames are the perfect answer for artists who make ink jet prints and are looking for low cost and easy-to-do framing. 3/8" rabbet depth. 

Sold individually or in boxes of 6. 

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InstaFrame Decorative Frames - Elite Wood Series
Instaframe Elite Wood Finish Series - BlackspacerIndividual5x7"Black75043$11.23$5.61$3.59IN STOCK
spacerBox of 65x7"Black75043A$67.39$26.30$19.39IN STOCK
spacerIndividual8x10"Black75044$16.02$8.00$4.99IN STOCK
spacerBox of 68x10"Black75044A$96.10$37.74$26.95IN STOCK
spacerIndividual8.5x11"Black75045$17.63$8.83$5.49IN STOCK
spacerBox of 68.5x11"Black75045A$105.77$41.07$29.65IN STOCK
spacerIndividual9x12"Black75046$19.71$9.87$5.99IN STOCK
spacerBox of 69x12"Black75046A$118.25$46.06$32.35IN STOCK
spacerIndividual11x14"Black75047$24.54$12.26$7.49IN STOCK
spacerBox of 611x14"Black75047A$147.26$57.71$40.45IN STOCK
spacerIndividual11x17"Black75048$28.03$14.03$8.49IN STOCK
spacerBox of 611x17"Black75048A$168.17$66.24$45.85IN STOCK
spacerIndividual12x16"Black75049$28.03$14.03$8.49IN STOCK
spacerBox of 612x16"Black75049A$168.17$66.24$45.85IN STOCK
spacerIndividual13x19"Black75050$33.23$16.63$9.99IN STOCK
spacerBox of 613x19"Black75050A$199.37$77.99$53.95IN STOCK
spacerIndividual14x18"Black75051$33.23$16.63$9.99IN STOCK
spacerBox of 614x18"Black75051A$199.37$77.99$53.95IN STOCK
spacerIndividual16x20"Black75052$40.04$20.27$11.99IN STOCK
spacerBox of 616x20"Black75052A$240.24$93.59$64.75IN STOCK
spacerIndividual18x24"Black75053$48.83$24.43$14.99IN STOCK
spacerBox of 618x24"Black75053A$292.97$114.39$80.95IN STOCK
spacerIndividual20x24"Black75054$54.03$27.03$16.99IN STOCK
spacerBox of 620x24"Black75054A$324.17$127.91$91.75IN STOCK
Instaframe Elite Wood Finish Series - NaturalspacerIndividual5x7"Natural75019$17.00$7.72$5.09IN STOCK
spacerBox of 65x7"Natural75019A$96.00$41.69$27.49IN STOCK
spacerIndividual8x10"Natural75020$25.00$11.35$7.49IN STOCK
spacerBox of 68x10"Natural75020A$144.00$61.29$40.45IN STOCK
spacerIndividual9x12"Natural75022$30.00$13.63$8.99IN STOCK
spacerBox of 69x12"Natural75022A$168.00$73.60$48.55IN STOCK
spacerIndividual11x14"Natural75023$34.00$15.45$10.19IN STOCK
spacerIndividual11x17"Natural75024$38.00$17.26$11.39IN STOCK
spacerBox of 611x17"Natural75024A$216.00$93.20$61.49IN STOCK
spacerIndividual13x19"Natural75026$47.00$21.35$14.09IN STOCK
spacerBox of 613x19"Natural75026A$264.00$115.29$75.99IN STOCK
spacerIndividual16x20"Natural75028$55.00$24.99$16.49IN STOCK
spacerBox of 616x20"Natural75028A$312.00$134.95$88.99IN STOCK
spacerIndividual20x24"Natural75030$75.00$34.08$22.49IN STOCK
Instaframe Elite Wood Finish Series - WalnutspacerIndividual8x10"Walnut75032$25.00$11.35$7.49IN STOCK
spacerBox of 68x10"Walnut75032A$144.00$61.29$40.45IN STOCK
spacerIndividual8.5x11"Walnut75033$25.00$11.35$7.49IN STOCK
spacerBox of 68.5x11"Walnut75033A$144.00$61.29$40.45IN STOCK
spacerIndividual9x12"Walnut75034$30.00$13.63$8.99IN STOCK
spacerBox of 69x12"Walnut75034A$168.00$73.60$48.55IN STOCK
spacerIndividual11x17"Walnut75036$38.00$17.26$11.39IN STOCK
spacerBox of 611x17"Walnut75036A$216.00$93.20$61.49IN STOCK
spacerIndividual14x18"Walnut75039$47.00$21.35$14.09IN STOCK
spacerBox of 614x18"Walnut75039A$264.00$115.29$75.99IN STOCK
spacerIndividual18x24"Walnut75041$68.00$30.90$20.39IN STOCK
spacerBox of 618x24"Walnut75041A$384.00$166.86$109.99IN STOCK
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