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Robert Simmons Sapphire Long Handle Brushes

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These brushes are made from a special blend of the finest Kolinsky red sable hair and synthetic filament.
These brushes are made from a special blend of the finest Kolinsky red sable hair and synthetic filament.
Save up to $17.38 off List
(Sale Ends 08/17/2014)
Each Robert Simmons brush comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Made from a special blend of the finest Kolinsky red sable hair and synthetic filament. Sapphire brushes work with the greatest of ease and deliver a split-proof point or tapered thin edge. Their special blend of hair holds color well and creates a responsive brush that snaps back to shape after each stroke. 

Appointed with Sapphire blue kiln-dried wood handles and 22 kt gold plated seamless ferrules, the Sapphire brush is a quality handmade artist tool and is guaranteed to be free of defect for the life of the brush. Available in a wide range of long handled series for oil and acrylic painting. At Jerry's prices, treat yourself to a little bit of luxury at extremely attractive pricing!

SAVE UP TO 55% OFF LISTSave up to $17.38 off List(Sale Ends 08/17/2014)
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Robert Simmons Sapphire Long Handle Brushes
Robert Simmons Sapphire Brush - spacerS48L Fan Blender256453$19.90$9.95$8.96OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS48L Fan Blender456454$22.90$11.45$10.31OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
Robert Simmons Sapphire Brush - spacerS60L Bright156443$8.10$4.05$3.65OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS60L Bright256444$9.20$4.60$4.14IN STOCK
spacerS60L Bright456445$10.10$5.05$4.55IN STOCK
spacerS60L Bright656446$12.00$6.00$5.40OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS60L Bright856447$14.50$7.25$6.53IN STOCK
spacerS60L Bright1056448$16.50$8.25$7.43OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS60L Bright1256449$18.90$9.45$8.51OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS60L Bright1456450$21.10$10.55$9.50OUT OF STOCK
(till 08/18/2014)
spacerS60L Bright1656451$27.10$13.55$12.20IN STOCK
spacerS60L Bright1856452$31.60$15.80$14.22IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Sapphire Brush - spacerS61L Round156427$6.70$3.35$2.99OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS61L Round256428$7.70$3.85$3.47OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS61L Round456429$8.30$4.15$3.74OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS61L Round656430$9.90$4.95$4.46IN STOCK
spacerS61L Round856431$10.90$5.45$4.91OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS61L Round1056432$12.60$6.30$5.67IN STOCK
spacerS61L Round1256433$14.90$7.45$6.71OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS61L Round1456434$18.20$9.10$8.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS61L Round1656435$20.00$10.00$9.00IN STOCK
spacerS61L Round1856436$25.50$12.75$11.48OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/28/2014)
Robert Simmons Sapphire Brush - spacerS67L Filbert256437$11.70$5.85$5.27OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS67L Filbert456438$13.90$6.95$6.26IN STOCK
spacerS67L Filbert656439$18.30$9.15$8.24OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS67L Filbert856440$19.70$9.85$8.87OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS67L Filbert1056441$21.90$10.95$9.86OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/31/2014)
spacerS67L Filbert1256442$24.10$12.05$10.85OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/28/2014)
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