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Raphaël Paris Classics Brushes

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Each stroke will be smooth from start to finish.
Each stroke will be smooth from start to finish.
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Each stroke will be smooth from start to finish.
Paris Classic Brushes
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Imported from France, these brushes feature double boiled hair which is softer and straighter than conventional bristle hair brushes. The hair has a cohesive working nature making each stroke smooth from start to finish. 

Unlike interlocked bristle, the straight hair has no tendency to split after the stroke. The soft bristle hair handles oils and acrylics providing the proper give and feel. Made with seamless copper ferrules and long black lacquered handles. 

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Raphaël Paris Classics Brushes
Raphaël Paris Brush - spacerSeries 356 Round246881$20.00$10.00IN STOCK
spacerSeries 356 Round446882$23.70$11.85IN STOCK
spacerSeries 356 Round646883$26.85$13.43IN STOCK
spacerSeries 356 Round846884$30.10$15.05IN STOCK
spacerSeries 356 Round1046885$35.80$17.90IN STOCK
spacerSeries 356 Round1258225$44.65$22.33OUT OF STOCK
(till 10/30/2014)
Raphaël Paris Brush - spacerSeries 357 Flat246872$20.65$10.33IN STOCK
spacerSeries 357 Flat446873$23.25$11.63IN STOCK
spacerSeries 357 Flat646874$25.15$12.58IN STOCK
spacerSeries 357 Flat846875$29.65$14.83IN STOCK
spacerSeries 357 Flat1046876$38.70$19.35IN STOCK
spacerSeries 357 Flat1246877$48.45$24.23IN STOCK
spacerSeries 357 Flat1446878$54.80$27.40IN STOCK
spacerSeries 357 Flat1846879$81.35$40.68IN STOCK
spacerSeries 357 Flat2046880$90.30$45.15IN STOCK
Raphaël Paris Brush - spacerSeries 3570 Bright246863$20.30$10.15IN STOCK
spacerSeries 3570 Bright446864$22.80$11.40IN STOCK
spacerSeries 3570 Bright646865$25.00$12.50IN STOCK
spacerSeries 3570 Bright846866$27.90$13.95IN STOCK
spacerSeries 3570 Bright1046867$32.85$16.43OUT OF STOCK
(till 11/15/2014)
spacerSeries 3570 Bright1246868$43.00$21.50OUT OF STOCK
(till 11/15/2014)
spacerSeries 3570 Bright1446869$52.95$26.48IN STOCK
spacerSeries 3570 Bright1846870$71.85$35.93IN STOCK
spacerSeries 3570 Bright2046871$89.75$44.88IN STOCK
Raphaël Paris Brush - spacerSeries 3577 Control Plus Filberts246886$22.05$11.03IN STOCK
spacerSeries 3577 Control Plus Filberts446887$23.40$11.70IN STOCK
spacerSeries 3577 Control Plus Filberts646888$25.00$12.50IN STOCK
spacerSeries 3577 Control Plus Filberts846889$27.90$13.95IN STOCK
spacerSeries 3577 Control Plus Filberts1046890$32.85$16.43IN STOCK
spacerSeries 3577 Control Plus Filberts1246891$45.75$22.88IN STOCK
spacerSeries 3577 Control Plus Filberts1446892$55.70$27.85IN STOCK
spacerSeries 3577 Control Plus Filberts1846893$78.25$39.13OUT OF STOCK
(till 11/17/2014)
spacerSeries 3577 Control Plus Filberts2046894$85.55$42.78OUT OF STOCK
(till 11/17/2014)
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