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Raphaël Mixacryl Oil and Acrylic Brushes

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MixAcryl Oil and Acrylic Wide Flat Brushes
MixAcryl Oil and Acrylic Wide Flat Brushes
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MixAcryl Oil and Acrylic Wide Flat Brushes
MixAcryl Oil and Acrylic Brushes
The inclusion of synthetic fibers is perfect for impastos and relief effects with the color retention you expect from natural bristles.
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Versatile paint brushes for discerning artists!

Combining the strength and retention of a natural bristle with the spring and durability of synthetic fibers. The inclusion of synthetic fibers is perfect for impastos and relief effects with the color retention you expect from natural bristles. The interlocked assembly is perfect for heavy body acrylics and gives an excellent response on the canvas. Nickel plated ferrules.

Key Features:

  • Mix of synthetic and natural fibers
  • Spring and durability
  • Excellent paint load
Perfect For:

  • Acrylic, Oil and Gesso
  • Artists of all skill levels
  • Works of art of any size

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Raphaël Mixacryl Oil and Acrylic Brushes
Raphaël Mixacryl Brush - spacerBright0V02452$9.55$4.79IN STOCK
spacerBright2V02453$10.00$4.99IN STOCK
spacerBright4V02454$10.20$4.99IN STOCK
spacerBright6V02455$10.90$5.49IN STOCK
spacerBright8V02456$12.85$6.39IN STOCK
spacerBright10V02457$14.50$7.29IN STOCK
spacerBright12V02458$15.60$7.79IN STOCK
spacerBright16V02459$19.40$9.69IN STOCK
spacerBright20V02460$26.30$13.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 10/07/2015)
spacerBright24V02461$37.60$18.79IN STOCK
spacerBright32V02462$52.55$26.29IN STOCK
spacerBright36V02463$61.80$30.89IN STOCK
Raphaël Mixacryl Brush - spacerFilbert0V02476$9.60$4.79IN STOCK
spacerFilbert2V02477$10.15$4.99IN STOCK
spacerFilbert4V02478$10.25$5.19IN STOCK
spacerFilbert6V02479$11.05$5.49IN STOCK
spacerFilbert8V02480$13.10$6.59IN STOCK
spacerFilbert10V02481$16.30$8.19IN STOCK
spacerFilbert12V02482$17.70$8.89IN STOCK
spacerFilbert16V02483$22.25$11.19IN STOCK
spacerFilbert20V02484$30.00$14.99IN STOCK
spacerFilbert24V02485$42.55$21.29IN STOCK
spacerFilbert32V02486$59.35$29.69IN STOCK
spacerFilbert36V02487$74.15$36.99IN STOCK
Raphaël Mixacryl Brush - spacerFlat0V02464$9.60$4.79IN STOCK
spacerFlat2V02465$10.15$4.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat4V02466$10.25$5.19IN STOCK
spacerFlat6V02467$11.10$5.59IN STOCK
spacerFlat8V02468$13.10$6.59IN STOCK
spacerFlat10V02469$16.30$8.19IN STOCK
spacerFlat12V02470$17.70$8.89IN STOCK
spacerFlat16V02471$22.25$11.19IN STOCK
spacerFlat20V02472$30.00$14.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat24V02473$42.50$21.29IN STOCK
spacerFlat32V02474$59.35$29.69IN STOCK
spacerFlat36V02475$74.15$36.99IN STOCK
Raphaël Mixacryl Brush - spacerRound0V02440$9.30$4.69IN STOCK
spacerRound2V02441$9.75$4.89IN STOCK
spacerRound4V02442$10.25$5.19IN STOCK
spacerRound6V02443$11.45$5.69IN STOCK
spacerRound8V02444$13.50$6.79IN STOCK
spacerRound10V02445$18.45$9.19IN STOCK
spacerRound12V02446$20.30$10.19IN STOCK
spacerRound16V02447$22.90$11.49IN STOCK
spacerRound20V02448$24.60$12.29IN STOCK
spacerRound24V02449$29.45$14.69IN STOCK
spacerRound28V02450$32.95$16.49OUT OF STOCK
(till 10/18/2015)
spacerRound36V02451$44.85$22.39OUT OF STOCK
(till 10/29/2015)
Raphaël Mixacryl Brush - spacerFlat Wash20V14883$19.90$9.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat Wash30V14884$23.70$11.89IN STOCK
spacerFlat Wash40V14885$28.90$14.49IN STOCK
spacerFlat Wash50V14886$35.95$17.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat Wash100V14887$69.10$34.59IN STOCK
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