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Grumbacher Academy Fine Hog Bristle Brushes

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Made from hog's hair, this brush from Academy is generally the best choice for oil and acrylic paint due to the flags that hold color. This is a strong, durable brush that manipulates heavy paint easily. These brushes have a unique taper that causes the bristles to interlock, which maintains its original shape and helps control the placement of color.

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Grumbacher Academy Fine Hog Bristle Brushes
Grumbacher Academy Fine Hog Bristle Brush - spacer760 B Bright1V00565$4.05$1.99IN STOCK
spacer760 B Bright2V00566$4.70$2.39IN STOCK
spacer760 B Bright3V00567$5.10$2.59IN STOCK
spacer760 B Bright4V00568$5.30$2.69IN STOCK
spacer760 B Bright6V00569$7.20$3.59IN STOCK
spacer760 B Bright8V00570$8.45$4.19IN STOCK
spacer760 B Bright10V00571$9.60$4.79IN STOCK
spacer760 B Bright12V00572$10.85$5.39IN STOCK
spacer760 B Bright14V00573$13.05$6.49IN STOCK
Grumbacher Academy Fine Hog Bristle Brush - spacer760F Flat1V00574$4.05$1.99IN STOCK
spacer760F Flat2V00575$4.70$2.39IN STOCK
spacer760F Flat3V00576$5.10$2.59IN STOCK
spacer760F Flat4V00577$6.00$2.99IN STOCK
spacer760F Flat6V00578$7.20$3.59IN STOCK
spacer760F Flat8V00579$8.45$4.19IN STOCK
spacer760F Flat10V00580$9.60$4.79IN STOCK
spacer760F Flat12V00581$10.85$5.39IN STOCK
Grumbacher Academy Fine Hog Bristle Brush - spacer760N Fan2V00582$4.05$1.99IN STOCK
spacer760N Fan4V00583$5.55$2.79IN STOCK
spacer760N Fan6V00584$6.00$2.99IN STOCK
Grumbacher Academy Fine Hog Bristle Brush - spacer760R RoundZV00585$3.25$1.69IN STOCK
spacer760R Round1V00586$3.55$1.79IN STOCK
spacer760R Round2V00587$4.70$2.39IN STOCK
spacer760R Round3V00588$5.10$2.59IN STOCK
spacer760R Round4V00589$6.00$2.99IN STOCK
spacer760R Round6V00590$7.20$3.59IN STOCK
spacer760R Round8V00591$8.45$4.19IN STOCK
spacer760R Round10V00592$9.60$4.79IN STOCK
spacer760R Round12V00593$10.85$5.39IN STOCK
Grumbacher Academy Fine Hog Bristle Brush - spacer760T Filbert1V00594$4.05$1.99IN STOCK
spacer760T Filbert2V00595$4.70$2.39IN STOCK
spacer760T Filbert4V00596$6.00$2.99IN STOCK
spacer760T Filbert6V00597$7.20$3.59IN STOCK
spacer760T Filbert8V00598$8.45$4.19IN STOCK
spacer760T Filbert10V00599$9.60$4.79IN STOCK
spacer760T Filbert12V00600$10.85$5.39IN STOCK
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