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Qualita Golden Taklon Short Handle Brushes

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Qualita brushes will handle both heavy bodied and fluid colors making them a great choice for acrylics and watercolors.
Qualita brushes will handle both heavy bodied and fluid colors making them a great choice for acrylics and watercolors.
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Qualita brushes will handle both heavy bodied and fluid colors making them a great choice for acrylics and watercolors.
Short Handle
Short Handle Rounds
SH Rounds
Short Handle Script
SH Script
Short Handle Fan
SH Fan
Short Handle Shader
SH Shader
Short Handle Liner
SH Liner
Short Handle Liner Plus
SH Liner Plus
Short Handle Angular
SH Angular
Short Handle
Short Handle
Short Handle Control Shader
SH Control Shader
Short Handle Filbert
SH Filbert
Short Handle Filbert Rake
SH Filbert Rake
Short Handle Colada Wash
SH Colada Wash
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World class brushes featuring bristles that bounce back every time!

Painting should be a fun and rewarding experience. These brushes were inspired by artists of modest means around the world that wanted high quality brushes that would perform well. They allow both professional, amateur and teacher to select high quality painting tools for their artistic pursuits without sacrificing the best loved nature of a good brush. 

Qualita Gold is an outstanding range of both long and short handled brushes made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Their hair will handle both heavy bodied and fluid colors making them a great choice for acrylics and watercolors. These brushes have excellent resiliency for superb bounce through each stroke and shape to a tapered edge or fine point. Each brush is hand-made and fashioned from golden Taklon hair that is affixed onto wood handles artfully decorated with matte ochre colored handles with gloss turquoise and white accents. Gold tone seamless ferrules finish off a brush that inspires and makes painting always a pleasure!

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Qualita Golden Taklon Short Handle Brushes
Qualita Gold - spacerQualita Gold Angular10x072498$5.50$1.59IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Angular1/8"72499$6.95$1.99IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Angular1/4"72500$7.25$2.19IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Angular3/8"72501$7.95$2.29IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Angular1/2"72502$8.95$2.59IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Angular5/8"72503$9.50$2.79IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Angular3/4"72504$13.95$3.99IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Angular1"72505$17.95$4.99IN STOCK
Qualita Gold - spacerQualita Gold Colada Wash1/2"72519$9.50$2.69IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Colada Wash3/4"72520$13.50$2.99IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Colada Wash1"72521$18.50$5.29IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Colada Wash1.5"72522$25.25$7.29IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Colada Wash2"72523$28.25$8.19IN STOCK
Qualita Gold - spacerControl Shader272506$5.50$1.59IN STOCK
spacerControl Shader472507$6.95$1.99IN STOCK
spacerControl Shader872508$7.25$2.19IN STOCK
spacerControl Shader1072509$7.95$2.29IN STOCK
Qualita Gold - spacerFan Blender10X072472$9.25$2.69IN STOCK
spacerFan Blender2X072473$10.50$2.99IN STOCK
spacerFan Blender272474$10.95$3.19IN STOCK
Qualita Gold - spacerFilbert272510$5.25$1.49IN STOCK
spacerFilbert472511$6.25$1.89IN STOCK
spacerFilbert672512$6.95$1.99IN STOCK
spacerFilbert872513$7.95$2.29IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1072514$9.95$2.79IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1272515$10.95$3.19IN STOCK
Qualita Gold - spacerFilbert Rake1/4"72516$8.25$2.39IN STOCK
spacerFilbert Rake1/2"72517$12.50$3.69IN STOCK
spacerFilbert Rake3/4"72518$18.50$5.29IN STOCK
Qualita Gold - spacerLiner10X072488$4.50$1.29OUT OF STOCK
(till 02/19/2016)
spacerLiner18X072487$4.50$1.29OUT OF STOCK
(till 04/01/2016)
spacerLiner0072490$5.50$1.59IN STOCK
spacerLiner072491$5.50$1.59IN STOCK
spacerLiner6X072489$5.50$1.59IN STOCK
spacerLiner172492$5.95$1.69IN STOCK
spacerLiner272493$5.95$1.69IN STOCK
spacerLiner472494$6.25$1.89IN STOCK
Qualita Gold - spacerLiner Plus10X072495$4.95$1.39IN STOCK
spacerLiner Plus172496$5.50$1.59IN STOCK
spacerLiner Plus272497$5.95$1.69IN STOCK
Qualita Gold - spacerQualita Gold Luna Wash1/2"72524$10.95$3.19IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Luna Wash3/4"72525$17.95$4.99IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Luna Wash1"72526$21.95$6.29IN STOCK
Qualita Gold - spacerQualita Gold Punto18x072527$4.25$1.19IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Punto4x072530$4.25$1.19IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Punto072532$4.25$1.19IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Punto10x072528$4.25$1.19IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Punto5x072529$4.25$1.19IN STOCK
spacerQualita Gold Punto3x072531$4.25$1.19IN STOCK
Qualita Gold - spacerRound18X072451$4.25$1.19IN STOCK
spacerRound10X072452$4.50$1.29IN STOCK
spacerRound3X072454$4.95$1.39IN STOCK
spacerRound5X072453$4.50$1.39IN STOCK
spacerRound072455$4.95$1.49IN STOCK
spacerRound272457$5.50$1.59IN STOCK
spacerRound172456$5.25$1.59IN STOCK
spacerRound372458$5.95$1.69IN STOCK
spacerRound472459$6.25$1.79IN STOCK
spacerRound572460$6.50$1.89IN STOCK
spacerRound672461$6.95$1.99IN STOCK
spacerRound872462$7.95$2.29IN STOCK
spacerRound1072463$9.50$2.69IN STOCK
spacerRound1272464$13.50$3.99IN STOCK
Qualita Gold - spacerScript18X072465$5.50$1.59IN STOCK
spacerScript6X072467$5.95$1.69IN STOCK
spacerScript10X072466$5.95$1.69IN STOCK
spacerScript0072468$6.25$1.79IN STOCK
spacerScript172469$6.50$1.89IN STOCK
spacerScript272470$6.50$1.99IN STOCK
spacerScript472471$6.95$1.99IN STOCK
Qualita Gold - spacerShader10X072475$3.95$0.99IN STOCK
spacerShader072476$3.95$1.19IN STOCK
spacerShader172477$4.25$1.29IN STOCK
spacerShader272478$4.50$1.29IN STOCK
spacerShader472479$5.95$1.59IN STOCK
spacerShader672480$6.25$1.79IN STOCK
spacerShader872481$6.95$1.99IN STOCK
spacerShader1072482$7.95$2.29IN STOCK
spacerShader1272483$9.25$2.59IN STOCK
spacerShader1472484$10.95$3.19IN STOCK
spacerShader1672485$12.50$3.69IN STOCK
spacerShader2072486$15.95$4.59IN STOCK
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