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Ebony Splendor Long-Handled Brushes

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Each brush is unconditionally guaranteed to meet with your complete satisfaction!
Each brush is unconditionally guaranteed to meet with your complete satisfaction!
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Each brush is unconditionally guaranteed to meet with your complete satisfaction!
Ebony Splendor
Ebony Splendor Series 383 Bright Long Handle
383 Bright
Ebony Splendor Series 383FL Filbert Long Handle
383FL Filbert
Ebony Splendor Series 397 Round Long Handle
397 Round
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  • Hand made and inspected
  • Some styles available with short handles
  • Provide for superb fine edges or split-proof points
  • With super strong, smooth Dura lacquered handles
  • Anodized plated matching black seamless ferrules
  • Lovely balanced red wood handles with black tips
  • Multi-filament Teijin fiber creates pure, responsive strokes
These quality brushes are impeccably crafted using Teijin fiber hair, considered one of the best in the world. This fiber closely parallels red sable in feel and look. It is the perfect answer for artists at all skill levels. For the professional traveling, they take lots of abuse and if lost are easily replaced at a modest cost. For students and serious amateurs on a budget, these brushes provide a luxury feel comparable to the finest brushes in the world. 

The hair is fine yet firm, providing true strokes and perfect shape. Hair is hand cupped into anodized, plated, black seamless ferrules and attached to transparent red wood handles with super strong Dura-Last® lacquered finish and distinctive black dipped ends. Easily worth more than the retail and now you can purchase these, unconditionally guaranteed to meet with your complete satisfaction!
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Ebony Splendor Long-Handled Brushes
Ebony Splendor Brush - spacerLong Handle Bright067086$5.25$2.49$0.99IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Bright267087$7.25$3.39$1.36IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Bright467088$8.50$3.89$1.56IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Bright667089$9.50$4.29$1.72IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Bright867090$11.50$5.19$2.08IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Bright1067091$12.75$5.79$2.32IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Bright1267092$13.75$6.19$2.48IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Bright1467093$16.50$7.39$2.96IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Bright1667094$17.75$7.99$3.20IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Bright1867095$18.95$8.49$3.40IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Bright2067096$19.75$8.99$3.60IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Bright2267097$23.95$10.99$4.40IN STOCK
Ebony Splendor Brush - spacerLong Handle Filbert067107$5.25$2.49$0.99IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Filbert267108$6.50$2.89$1.16IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Filbert467109$8.50$3.79$1.52IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Filbert667110$8.95$3.99$1.60IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Filbert867111$10.95$4.99$1.99IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Filbert1067112$12.25$5.49$2.20IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Filbert1267113$13.50$5.99$2.40IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Filbert1467114$14.50$6.49$2.60IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Filbert1667115$15.50$6.99$2.80IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Filbert1867116$17.75$7.99$3.20IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Filbert2067117$22.25$9.99$3.99IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Filbert2267118$28.50$12.99$5.20IN STOCK
Ebony Splendor Brush - spacerLong Handle Round067098$4.25$1.99$0.80IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Round167099$5.50$2.49$0.99IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Round267100$6.50$2.99$1.20IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Round467101$7.75$3.49$1.40IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Round667102$8.95$3.99$1.60OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/30/2015)
spacerLong Handle Round867103$10.95$4.99$1.99IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Round1267104$12.25$5.49$2.20IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Round1667105$13.25$5.99$2.40IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Round2067106$15.50$6.99$2.80OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/30/2015)
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