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Matisse Antiquing, Patina and Marbling Mediums

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Matisse Antiquing, Patina and Marbling Mediums
Matisse Antiquing, Patina and Marbling Mediums
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Matisse Antiquing, Patina and Marbling Mediums
Pre-Antiquing Medium 250 ml jar
250 ml Jar
Patina Oil Antique Medium 250 ml can
250 ml Can
Waterbased Patina 1 litre
1 Litre
Faux Marbling Medium 4 litre pail
4 Litre Pail
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Achieve brilliant decorative effects with these versatile mediums from Matisse!

Part of the beauty of acrylic paint is its adaptability to any myriad of artistic and decorative effects. Now you can use your Matisse acrylic paints for folk art, crafts, and interior decorating as well as fine art painting! This collection of antiquing and patina mediums is sure to inspire you with their exciting decorative effects!

  • Faux Finish & Marbling Gel – Also known as 'scumble glaze,' this medium is ideal for creating painted finish techniques using sponges, squeegees, rollers, plastic wrap, stencils, stiff brushes and more! Thins acrylic paints and improves flow for glazing, and is also excellent at creating faux marble finishes as it can prevent colors from mixing.
  • Patina (Oil Antiquing Medium) – Designed to be used with artists' oil paint over acrylics to give an aged, weathered appearance. Apply Patina Medium over the piece to be antiqued, using a lint free cotton cloth, then rub a small amount of dark oil paint over the surface, on a cloth also soaked in medium. Then just wipe back oil color with a clean cloth to reveal your newly-antiqued piece!
  • Pre-Antiquing Medium – Creates a special barrier layer between your base painting and any antiquing or patina final finishes, preventing abrasion or shifting of the underpainting. Secures base paint layer while still providing a low-tooth finish excellent for continued artwork or final antique finishing.
  • Water-Based Patina – An ideal glazing medium for mixtures of as little as 5% paint, this Water-Based Patina contains extra binder so that even the lightest of glazes still remain permanent and water-fast. An excellent way to achieve antique patina effects without using solvents. Simply coat your piece in Water-Based Patina, then rub a small amount of dark Matisse acrylic paint over the piece and wipe back with a clean cloth!

 Artist Endorsed
"I use Matisse Structure Acrylics for a thick textured, bold impasto look and Matisse Flow Acrylics for the smooth, highly detailed results. They are also excellent for covering large areas….I am completely sold on Matisse Acrylics. I highly encourage every artist, professional or pleasure painter, to experience these paints for themselves."
- Andy Russell, Professional Artist
Read more about why Professional Artist Andy Russel loves Matisse Acrylics.

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Matisse Antiquing, Patina and Marbling Mediums
Matisse Medium 16 - spacerFaux Finish and Marbling Gel250 ml Jar73137$23.25$13.79IN STOCK
spacerFaux Finish and Marbling Gel1 Litre Pail73136$65.25$38.99IN STOCK
spacerFaux Finish and Marbling Gel4 Litre Pail73211$213.95$128.39$65.04IN STOCK
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Matisse Medium 18 - spacerPre-Antiquing Medium250 ml Jar73139$23.25$13.99IN STOCK
spacerPre-Antiquing Medium1 Litre Pail73140$75.25$44.49IN STOCK
spacerPre-Antiquing Medium4 Litre Pail73212$158.66$87.26$70.65IN STOCK
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Matisse Medium 20 - spacerWater-Based Patina250 ml Jar73143$23.25$13.79IN STOCK
spacerWater-Based Patina1 Litre Pail73144$65.25$38.99IN STOCK
spacerWater-Based Patina4 Litre Pail73214$158.66$87.26$70.65IN STOCK
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