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Preview the Great Artwork up for Auction

The Artworks listed below are a preview for the live auction. Silent auction peices are not pictured.

All proceeds from the auction sales will go to Habitat for Humanity International's relief efforts in Haiti. The works in the live auction will be featured in our Auction Program with a black and white photo, artist's name, title of the work and artist's website. Silent auction donators will be credited with their name, the title of the work, and their website as well.

Bob Burridge - Heart Air Balloons 14" X 18"

Bob Burridge
Don Mertz - Hitman's Pasta Sauce 36" X 36"

Don Mertz
Bob Rankin - Spring Martini 24" X 36"

Bob Rankin
Michele Theberge - 42" X 42"

Michele Theberge
Micah Mullen - Beidler Forest #3 20" X 40"

Micah Mullen
Hannah Stouffer - Trophic Networks 20" X 20"

Hannah Stouffer
Scott Belecastro - I Have Ever Felt 42" X 42"

Scott Belecastro
Jeanne Rhea - Illumination 2 30" X 40"

Jeanne Rhea
Pete Sack - I shall be born when & where I want to be 22" X 22"

Pete Sack
David Dunlop - Valley Cloud Sweep 17" X 27"

David Dunlop
Joe DiGiulio - Haitian Restoration 30" X 40"

Joe DiGiulio
Caroline Jasper - Sunset Bows 18" X 24"

Caroline Jasper
TMNK - Boat People 72" X 72"

Eric Zener - Two High Divers 25.5" X 32"

Eric Zener
Toni Cappel - A Southern Garden 30" X 40"

Toni Cappel
Miles Wickham & Oxygen - Boom Box 24" X 48"

Miles Wickham
Eric Zener - Into the Light 31.5" X 25.5"

Eric Zener
Mz. Julee - Figure Study 30" X 40"

Mz. Julee
Sharon DiGiulio - Starting Over 30" X 30"

Sharon DiGiulio
Willie Green Aldridge - Color Line II 30" X 40"

Wilson Bickford - Adirondack Evening 24" X 40"

Wilson Bickford
Jeanne Carbonetti - Spring Burst 20" X 20"

jeanne carbonetti
Tom Lynch - Cape Cod Garden 16" X 20"

Tom Lynch
Sarah Powers - Landscape Power Lines and Orange Stripe 30" X 20"

Sarah Powers
Ira Goldstein - Elephants in the Room

Ira Goldstein
Kimberlee Maselli - Sunny Delight 24" X 36"

Kimberlee Maselli
Heather Goldstein - Forget Barefoot and Pregnant 48" X 72"

Heather Goldstein
Christin Kleinstreuer - Fantasy Abstracts #202 24" X 30"

Christin Kleinstreuer
Alia El-Bermani - Reflecting Image 20" X 30"

Alia El-Bermani
Hun Yu - Wild Horses 72" X 48"

Hun Yu
Nicholas Simmons - Ma Belle Amie 40" X 40"

Nicholas Simmons
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