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Fredrix Watercolor Canvas is an authentic 100% woven cotton artist canvas with a special coating that performs similar to a cold pressed or rough watercolor paper, yet it provides a distinctive look that can only be achieved on canvas. Fredrix watercolor canvas will accept all watermedia and mixed media techniques. For example, transparent and opaque watercolors, acrylic and watercolor inks, fluid acrylics, and watercolor pencils.  Fredrix watercolor canvas will also work with traditional acrylic paints in different viscosities.

Fredrix Watercolor Artist Canvas is manufactured with acid-free materials and is guaranteed to be 100% Archival quality.

Fredrix Watercolor Canvas on stretcher strips and Fredrix Watercolor Archival Boards will not buckle like watercolor paper when wet.  Watercolor canvas sheets, which come in various sizes or can be cut to any size, should be stapled or taped either wet or dry to a ¾" thick board to prevent buckling.

Watercolor washes can be lifted (removed) by simply wetting the area to be removed with a damp brush or moist cloth, and then blotting or brushing the color off. Therefore, mistakes can be easily corrected, or you may wash over the complete image and start over.

Finished Fredrix Watercolor Canvas paintings can be framed as you would any watercolor (or watermedia) painting under a mat and glass or Plexiglas in a frame. At the present time many watercolor societies will only accept painting on paper, framed with mat and Plexiglas of glass.  Be sure and check with your society to see if a watercolor on canvas would be acceptable at their shows.

Fredrix Watercolor stretched canvas and canvas boards are excellent for painting outdoors (plein air) in watercolor, especially since you will not need to bring any supports, as you would for watercolor paper. And, as stated before—no buckling!
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