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Shop for American Easel Wood Painting Panels

Top quality birch wood painting panels made in the USA!


These classic wood painting panels are proudly made in the USA by American Easel. Crafted from highest quality birch plywood mounted onto smoothly sanded, slightly beveled cradles, these panels are incredibly sturdy, warp resistant, and long-lasting. The inflexible, splinter-free surface is ideal for achieving high levels of detail, and the sanded cradle edges allow you to continue painting along the sides and easily hang the panel as-is: no need to frame it! While primer is not needed for all applications, any ground can be used on these versatile panels: from traditional gesso and rabbit skin glue to pastel primers, texture pastes, mounted papers — the possibilities are endless! Available in 7/8" Flat, 1-5/8" Deep, 2-1/2" Extra Deep and oval and circle profiles, you're sure to find the panel that is perfect for you!

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