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Finding high quality synthetic brushes has long been a challenge for oil and acrylic painters or vegan artists. Now Creative Mark has partnered with a leading synthetic hair manufacturer to craft cruelty free brushes with all the benefits of natural hair, and none of the drawbacks!

Hamburg Premier Professional Synthetic Mongoose Blend Brushes are a proprietary handmade blend skillfully crafted by hand by a world-class German brush maker. 

Until recent protection bans were enacted, Mongoose hair brushes were a long time favorite workhorse brush of the oil painter. Mongoose was thirsty and supple enough to absorb and lay down large quantities of glaze, but had the durable strength to manage heavy bodied paints with ease and mastery, with a hair texture evenly between hog and sable. We enlisted the help of a world-class German brush maker after the ban was enacted to develop a brush with the superb qualities of natural mongoose. It became a passion and a true labor of love to create the perfect brush, tirelessly testing multiple prototypes, tweaking and correcting each time. When testing the resulting line of brushes developed with a stable of well-known professional painters, all feedback was incredibly positive, and created an air of excitement amongst them! Most believed it not only matched but actually improved on natural Mongoose, providing better heft, absorbency, and shaping of the bristles.

Black Swan brushes are the animal-friendly alternative to red sable brushes. Their synthetic black bristles feature a highly soft, yet strong and durable texture. They offer excellent color retention and control, along with effortless color application. These brushes include seamless ferrules, which are crafted from nickel-plated brass. Black Swan’s lightweight, wooden handles are easily recognizable among other brushes, as they feature a matte-black surface, with a gloss-black tip. These brushes work perfectly with oil color and acrylic paints, and are very easy to maintain. A portion of all proceeds from this line of brushes will be donated to helping protect wild animals. 

The Escoda Versatil Synthetic Kolinsky Brushes feature an exceptional snap, superior absorption and incredible fluid retention. This brush has been field tested worldwide by artists and their feedback exceeded all expectations. They agree that Versatil has the feel and spring of a high-quality kolinsky sable brush, as well as a perfect point.

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