Introducing the Bob Ross Inspirational Happy Afro Painting Wig

For When You Just Need to Paint something "Happy"

Need some inspiration in your life? Want to learn to paint the Bob Ross way? In case you can't find him on your public broadcasting station, why not channel his spirit through the power of hair!


Introducing the Happy Afro Painting Wig, only available at Jerry's Artarama!


This simple wig, looking just like Bob Ross's will give you super artistic painting powers from your new hair to your scalp and brain. You'll be endowed with the power to paint all kinds of beautiful natural scenes from "Happy Trees" to "Happy Clouds". By simply placing the wig over your head, you'll attain his painting prowess as well as his patented "peaceful and soothing, pillow-talk voice." True painting inspiration and a love of nature can be all yours for just $25.99, only at Jerry's Artarama. Elastic Chin Strap included!






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Alanna Sage

LMAO!!!!OMG!!! that HAS to be an April Fool's Joke! I love it!!! HAHAHAHA....ok, so now what do I win?

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