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Practica Canvas & SoHo Acrylic Paints

In today's round of Whats the Buzz, we are looking at another two of our most talked about products: the Practica Stretched Canvas and SoHo Urban Artist Grade Acrylic Paints. Artists frequently talk to us about these products telling us great things, so now we want to share with you the Buzz on these excellent items.

First Up is the Practica Stretched Canvas. Artists claim to love how nicely they are stretched, and because they are pre-stretched, how they save artists lots of time. They also act as an inexpensive alternative to canvas panels and are great for beginners and students. Now lets see what real artists have to say and see what the Buzz is all about:

"Practica Canvases are perfect for teaching and very economical. They are classy looking in that the staples are on the back and not the side like the more expensive brands. Yay for Practica and Yay for Jerrys. Thanks."-Nogrits, Ohio

"If you are a freshman in college, studying art (especially drawing and painting majors) invest in a few boxes of these canvases in different sizes. I wish I had! These are a good quality for the price. I find the canvas is stretched much tighter than those in the same price range."-Allreba, Missouri

"I purchased these canvases to use when teaching oil painting. They were a delight as they are very smooth, saving my students time and their brushes. They are an excellent value."-Sue, Florida (see how well the canvas holds paint below)

 "I paint florals and pet portraits on the canvases. They are first rate-and the price is the best I found after many hours of research! Thank you!"-Sally, Florida

Sounds like these have become extremely positive because they are the best price around and great for quick paintings and studies. If you like to paint, give them a shot and let us know what you think about them. We love to hear what you have to say!


Next up is SoHo Urban Artist Grade Acrylic Paints. Artists won't stop talking about how much they love these acrylics because they leave a lustrous finish, provide excellent coverage and have a great range of brilliant pigments. But lets put it to the real test and see what the Buzz is all about:

"Good bang for the bucks. Great paint for Landscape painting. Easily applied with brush or knife. Tends to dry quickly so be ready to paint. Blends good and great color values."-Louie, Texas

"I used this product for a painting in my home, it worked great for the canvas I had and the colors are gorgeous. It was super easy to clean up afterwards with little to no dripping and came off easy with water alone. I haven't noticed anything bad about these paints, I am very happy with the results!"-Just a beginner, North Carolina

"After getting a few of these colors and trying them out, I went and purchased about 30 more colors. They are very smooth right out of the tube. They also work well with other company's mediums. I love these colors and for the price, they are much better than some of the other competitors."-Jason, Arizona

"These are excellent acrylics-the color is intense and the texture, buttery. I love using them and I've tried several brands. Many are quite good, personally, I find SoHo Urban as good as any of the best and they are more economical. I don't see how you can go wrong. I use them for fine art work, both abstract and representational and get excellent results."-Graybird, Connecticut 

Looks like the artists have spoken and proclaimed SoHo Acrylics as "top of the line". Thanks again for all of the input and remember, we love to hear what you have to say! We love to find out where the buzz is with the latest art products, tools and mediums. And stay tuned for next week's Whats the Buzz!


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