A Jerry's Online Street Team Art Project with Cristina Zinnia Galliher

Cristina Zinnia Galliher is a mixed media artist living life with a passion for art! Known to her art friends as Zinnia, she teaches others how to create variations of mixed media art for all levels through her online workshops and classes at RosesOnMyTable.com. Learn more about Zinnia and her work in our featured Artist Spotlight post, then read and follow along here as she outlines her method for creating beautiful mixed media art journal pages from start to finish!



Mixed Media Discoveries in Journal Exploration

by Cristina Zinnia Galliher, artist and instructor, RosesOnMyTable.com

By nature, mixed media art involves an enormous amount of experimentation, and in my search for quality art supplies that are sensibly priced and which also perform well, I find myself testing new products all the time. My art journal serves as my canvas for exploration, and for this page spread I have incorporated Turner Acryl Gouache paints, stencils, collage paper, and my graphite drawing.

1. Since I am not working on canvas, I need to prepare my book pages. This is a great opportunity to recycle old book pages, newspaper clippings, tissue paper, and scrapbook paper. Starting with an ordinary thin-paged journal, traditionally used for recording written thoughts, I began by bulking up the pages using regular gel medium, gesso, and paper.

2. The papers used to create this foundation consist of various textures, thicknesses, and color. Interesting patterns are formed using dress pattern tissue, old ephemera, book pages, and an antique newspaper clipping.

3. Whenever I paint layers of color on to my journal pages, I like to create noticeable contrast while balancing the interplay of the paper underneath the paint. I began my experimentation using Turner Acryl Gouache in Pearl Lilac over a glaze of other paints that I normally use. It was delightful to find that the Pearl Lilac (above) intensified the other paints when I used it as an overlay. In other areas where I applied it lightly (below), it was very lustrous and translucent.

4. Turquoise and Light Blue were used to highlight the corners and borders of the pages. The intensity of the paint is noticeable, and it "grabbed" the paper beautifully without bleeding or fading.

5. Stencil work was then applied over the dry paint layers. I used molding paste for this process. Once the paste dried, I reapplied the Turquoise paint color which also re-intensified the color under the stencil work, and around the edges of the stencil pattern.

6. To bring the peaks in the paper and the stencil work forward (above), I've applied Turner Acry Gouache in Pastel Sand and then Deep Gold colors.

The body of Turner Acryl Gouache paint is fantastic for picking up the peaks and the highlights of the textures, and because the paint is so versatile and adaptable to the techniques I use, I also used Pastel Sand to highlight the face and the hair strands.

Testing, exploring, and creating are the reasons why I am committed to keeping my art journal. Each discovery leads to a new one. The quality, versatility and adaptability of Turner Acryl Gouache paints is outstanding, and I look forward to future explorations in my work using other Turner paint color palettes.

Materials Used:

Watch Zinnia's process for creating mixed media journal pages in the video below:

What are your experiences in mixed media? Let us know about your own artistic experiments in the comments below!

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Judy Crowell

Zinnia, you are soo amazing!! I love this and the video showing step by step how to is awesome!! Mixed Media Art is so much fun!! You are AWESOME!! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and information!

patty clayton

I really  like your are i am using yours for a example for my project,and   I like the colors you used , you do wonderful work . thanks patty

Annette Graves

Hi Zinnia, so wonderful--the tut , the video and the finished pages.   xox


Zinnia,hi a fellow roses on my table member. I loved  your video, your pages came out beautiful. I am new to the mixed media and value seeing how it is done. TTFN Wanda

Jenelle Van de Mortel

Great tutorial - beautiful results.
Love hearing about new products-
can't wait to try out Turner's Gouache!


bev langby

Oh wow, im fortunate enough to be a student and friend of Zinnia and im so delighted that her talent has been noticed and promoted by "The Splatter", she is a wonderful teacher and so willing to share herself and her methods with us, we are always learning new things and being inspired by her via her blog  Roses On My Table .....

regards bev langby


Beautiful Zinnia, I'm thrilled to be part of your Journal Journey Group and all the other Groups offered at Roses. Hugs Marilou

Jackie PN

Wow! Fabulous! Zinnia_ You Rock! Congratulations on this article! You never fail to amaze me with your wealth of artistry and generosity of sharing!
Love ya,


Awesome tutorial! Your work is always inspirational. Love the way the Turner Acryl Gouache blended with the paper. Must give those a try. Such lovely colors.

Denise Phillips

What a stunning Journal page!! Fabulous! I love journaling, but I always think when I see pages like this, that they should be torn out and matted and framedSmile Really lovely piece! Happy New Year to youSmile Cheers!


Beautiful work. I'm definitly going to try Turner Acryl Gouache paints just as soon as I can order them.


So beautiful!  The colors you chose are so pretty and your girl is precious! Love it!!!


WOW! Zinnia, I really enjoyed listening to your music and watching you create that journal page. The last post on my blog is called Time For Changes and features a journal. I may have to get another blank book and try your technique. I doubt I'll be able to paint a face like you do but you have inspired me to give it a go. Thanks. Warmly, Linda

Darlene K Campbell

Great article Zinnia. so cool (but not surpeising) for you to be in the spotlight. Liked the info of details of your pages and having supplies listed. Thanks.

Connie Fendley

Beautiful journal pages! I really love her face and all of the colors you used in the background. The stenciling was awesome and definitely inspires me to use them too! Thank you for your always inspiring and informative videos and your beautiful art. Also, I can't hardly wait for the bottle class this summer!

Nana Louise Nielsen

Beautiful work as ever, Zinnia. Love the vibrant colours and those stencils look absolutely fantastic. Must try those.


******Superbe bravo*

hilda moffett

As always an amazing page Zinnia - thank you so much for sharing your talent. I've been folowing your tutorial to create a page which is on my blog

Linda Sagastume

Love to see how Zinnia created this journal page and how the layers create beautiful texture and a rich image.   Her work is fabulous!


this is a beautiful page and thanks for sharing.  I love playing around with paints and mixed media too and try and do a little bit everyday.

Maggie M

I love to use bits of vintage book pages and dress patterns (tissue) in my mixed media art.  I will say I am still on the look out for great acrylic paints and gouache to use in my art, so I might purchase some from Turner to try out.  I also use gesso.  As a Follower of Cristina's, I've learned several of her wonderful techniques and I now keep several art journals.  Love this tutorial video!


Great piece of art journaling Zinnia - she is beautiful and the colours are wonderful

Debi Johnson

Zinnia, I am thrilled that I found Roses on my Table. I am new at art journal and you have inspired me to just be me and do it the way that reflects my personality and not try to do like everyone else does. I love using new products and I know I will learn allot from you, thanks for all that you do. I just love this piece. The colors the textures and the lovely Lady that inspired you to do the page the way you did it.


Zinnia! What a mircle worker you are with paper scraps and paint! Fabulous pages as always! And that Turner Acryl Gouache is amazing too!


Congrats on beginning featured here. These pages are so special and I must say I love the stencils you have used.
I am so glad to have found Roses on my table you are such a beautiful inspirational person.

Vicki D

Thank you for sharing yet another great video!  I love the scraps of paper that you use.  I'm on a mission to use up all those little bits that I've stashed away.  Can hardly wait.  I will post it on Roses soon!

Patty McLeod

Such style and beauty great work of art and great products to show how you used them thank you.

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