Prove it-is the Samson Aluminum Studio Easel virtually indestructable?

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Prove It!

In this segment of Prove It! Mikey G will test the claim that Samson Aluminum Studio Easel is virtually indestructable! Can it be stacked and dragged and still work? How about slammed? or even dropped from 30 feet high and still work? Watch the video to find out!

Please enjoy the this Prove It video and please supply your comments below

Link to the: Samson Aluminum Studio Easel

Do you own one that has lived up to the claim? What has been your experience? Place comments below, thanks!

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I have owned 2 aluminum easels in the past, & have a tendency to stand on & lean into them when painting which can bend the legs. Show us how it holds up to pressure and weight on the joints, not how well it handles impact. Although, I will admit to having lost a wooden easel to impact as well. You think this is bad, you should see what I do to brushes! ;)

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