Prove it-Does the Beauport easel allow you to paint using large sized canvases even in windy conditions?

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Prove It!

In this segment of Prove It! Mikey G will test the claim that the Beauport Large Format Outdoor Easel perfect for outdoors and plein aire, will allow you to paint using large sized canvases even in windy conditions. Watch as the Beauport Easel gets hit with wind up to 12-13 mph's.

Will the Beauport Easel stand up to the many conditions it claims it can.? Will it stand up the wind test? Is it sturdy? Will it hold the large canvas size canvas it claims? Mikey G finds out and so can you!

Please enjoy the this Prove It video and please supply your comments below

Link to the: Beauport Outdoor Easel

Do you own one? What has been your experience? Place comments below, thanks!

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Jeff Stuckey

Mikey G,

If you are painting at the beach or depending on the direction of your subject a big problem with wind is the direction it comes from. You should have tested with the wind blowing against the back of the canvas. It could have come out of its mount and also it would have had more difficulty dispersing the wind when leaning into it and gathering it with in the stretchers.

Try again and I will buy one of these easels for sure. If it does not fall over or the canvas fly out of its mount.



Stay tuned for an upcoming new episode of Prove It! where Mikey G will test the Beauport easel in different wind conditions!


Video did exactly what it set out to do without the sales pitch and reference to many other ads.
A job well done and proof that a video demo clip can accomplish its goal without all the hoopla.
Well done to the man with the beard.

Ruth Collis

It would be nice to see a more realistic side blowing of the canvas on easel. Of course it would seem more stable with wind front on. Or what about wind from behind the easel, coming at you? Your picture of view is not always where the wind happens to be blowing. It is where it is, and wind direction from any angle.

It'd be nice to see a little more of the setup as well, like how those prongs hold the canvas in place, and what the notches are for. How does the sandbags also attach to the easel?

That was pretty funny at the end, flying a kite in the wind of the painted sky on canvas!


Ruth, stay tuned for a special Prove It! with Mikey G that will test how well the Beauport holds up when the wind is coming from different angles!


Ruth, the prove it part 2 is online. We set out to answer your request. here it is...www.jerrysartarama.com/.../...ifferent-angles.aspx

Ruth Collis

Where's my website URL located? A backlink is the reason for entering the info in the box right? You can delete this message if you want. Or does it show in the final post after moderation? Some note explaining would be nice.

Patty Calderone

MikeyG Both you and your easel rock. Which has nothing to do with the wind. Awesome

Patsy Heller

I agree with the other comments- that's right in the face of the canvas.  How about from behind, sides, downdrafts?  In Laughlin NV where I stay in the winter, the winds are clocked up to 40 mph, average 15-20 a lot of the days. Hmmmmm.


Hi Patsy, we tested it at high winds and from behind.. you can Part 2 of the Prove it now and see if can hold up to strong winds and from many different angles.

Raven Skye McDonough

I am a proud owner of a Beauport easel for over 4 years now and just love it. I was using a half box French easel  for plein air painting that was a nightmare to set up and use. The legs were constantly giving out!

The Beauport comes in a really nice black carry bag that has lots of extra pockets on the outside for addtional storage of bungee cords, tape, bug spray, all the things that one needs while painting outdoors.

Raven Skye McDonough

Jeffrey Nichols

           I paint on RayMar or other thin panels, my question is, will it hold a thin panel in place and enable you to also paint to the edges? I know the top brace looks like it would work ok, but not sure of bottom brace. If it can hold a panel canvas then I'm getting one. Jeff

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