Prove it-Is the SoHo Urban Artist Tote Bag sturdy water resistant and can it withstand all conditions?

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In this segment of Prove It! Mikey G looks to prove that the SoHo Urban Artist Tote Bag is sturdy, water resistant and can withstand all conditions." By putting it to the torture test, Mikey G goes through a series of experiments to test the performance, durability and claims of the Soho Artist Tote Bag. Watch as he adds weights, runs it over with a car and gets it wet.

Can the SoHo Urban Artist Tote Bag prove to be sturdy, water resistant and withstand all conditions? Will it protect your supplies inside? Mikey G finds out!

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Run it over with a car? Really? I would not expect that test to have any merit unless the item you were running over was, well, not a bag. No what I do want to see is how it fairs in a cement mixer with a couple of bricks and some gravel (i.e.: Hollywood's wardrobe aging technique). Toss it in there for 5 min and that is what the bag would look like after a year of rough ownership, then you would really know if it would hold up or not.
I really liked your water test though. I thought maybe you wouldn't go past the sprinkler system so I was stoked when you submerged it. I had lived on a boat for a while and water resistant bags were a pretty big deal to protect my sketch books and surprisingly hard to come by. It's good to know there is a bag out there that can do the job.


Quel dommage que ce magnifique et astucieux sac soit noir, le noir fatigue les yeux, il est difficile de voir les objets  qui sont à l'intérieur,  ne peut on pas envisager de les réaliser gris clair, par exemple ? demandez l'avis des artistes, nous regrettons tous que presque toutes les fournitures proposées soient
uniformément de couleur noire  . sans pour autant retenir  des couleurs  violentes et agressives,  un gris clair serait plus adapté à notre palette de couleurs . le URBAN GREY, par exemple .


G. Baud .


In what country is the SoHo Urban Artist Bag manufactured?


The SoHo bag is manufactured in China, and is held to a higher standard of quality than other bags in its class.


How much does the empty bag weigh?  It would be great if it came with roller wheels and an extendable handle.


The empty bag weighs about 2 1/2 pounds.  The bag does include a longer strap so you can wear it messenger-style for ease, and should you need to carry it around along with other art supplies, check out the Frisco Trolley, a lightweight hand truck that folds flat to fit anywhere, available from Jerry's Artarama.

Marshall Jordan Realty

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