Prove it-Is the Rhapsody Watercolor Brush truly the best value?

Can Rhapsody Watercolor Brushes prove to be as good of a brush as their handmade counterparts while costing between 30 – 45% less?

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Prove It!

In this segment of Prove It! Mikey G looks to prove that the Rhapsody Watercolor Brushes are truly the "best value in their class." By putting them to the test against the handmade English standard, Mikey G goes through a series of experiments to test the performance and water retention of the Rhapsody brushes versus the much higher priced English version.

Can the Rhapsody Watercolor Brushes prove to be as good of a brush as their handmade counterparts while costing between 30 – 45% less? Mikey G finds out!

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michael hooper

That 'proove it' segment says that both brushes are comparable. The English hand made which you would think be the better because they are hand made is  not the better, The Rhapsody brush is a pinch better or actually much the same but they are not hand made. This says great things for todays machinery.

Sandra lewis

How about a link to view the brushes?  They are not listed under "watercolor brushes" on the drop down list.
Otherwise, I enjoyed the video!
Sandra Lewis

Sandra Lewis

i only want a size 12 brush not itty-bitty ones.

Kris Fowler

Rhapsody Brush is Great!


I have been using Rhapsody brushes and also Kolinsky sable brushes from other manufacturers. I love them all, but the Rhapsody brushes are every bit as good as the others and cost a lot less. If you are interested in a suggestion: Rhapsody brushes need to come in flat brushes too.  

Judith Austin

About a month ago, I did my own tests.   I ordered some Rhapsody brushes and tested them against my very expensive English watercolor brushes.   The Rhapsody brushes won.     They hold an amazing amount of water and paint.   They always snap to a perfect point.  I was most impressed with how I could go from painting  wide to narrow lines, twisting back and forth, and the point never split.  I was so impressed that I ordered another set.   The second set was just as good as the first set I bought, so that speaks well for their quality control

J. Ghauri

I would actually order this brush if you could get it in the larger sizes.


There is actually a search feature on Jerry's site.  The Rhapsody brushes are available from sizes 000 to 20.

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