It's ARTY time

It's ARTY time!
Please join in our fun game, you can comment right on this page!

Sometimes, when the heat is oppressive ( like now :-) ) or you're suffering from a creative block, it's good to take a little time out and just be silly! We've all had those times where no matter what, the image or idea we're trying to get across in our art is just not cooperating: and the harder we try, the worse the outcome seems to get.

Often, the best way to deal with these instances is simply not to. Leave your painting, your sculpture, your drawing — before you rip it to pieces in frustration — and focus on something else for a while. Sure, you could get some chores done... or you could be silly with us!

The silly subject

The silly subject we're focusing on at Jerry's Artarama today is word games; or plays on the word "ART." Here are some of the ones we've come up with so far!

Some of our fun ones, what's yours?

  • ART-tastic!
  • I'm having an ART attack!
  • I ♥ART♥ you!
  • Excuse me, I ARTed
  • ART and soul
  • Take another little piece of my ART now, baby
  • What's a pirate's favorite subject? AAARRRRT!

...It may sound corny, but games like this can be a fun break when you're struggling with a creative block!

Go on, give it a shot — what kind of silly ART phrases can you come up with? (enter them in the comments box below)

Comments (13) -


The Earth with out ART is just Eh...


Nothing I can do, Total eclipse of the ART !!


I can't seem to ARTiculate what I am trying to get across in my paintings.


I can't seem to ARTiculate what I am trying to get across in my paintings.


Inspiration, where for ART thou?


It time to be SM-Art

Dawn Rossbach

My ART belongs to you (hopefully).

Charlotte Barnes

I ART to just get in there and pick up the paintbrush!


My ARTfelt thanks!

Rita Marie

I captured  ART  by playing hard to get!!!  

Rita Marie

I stumbled on a PIECE OF ART and broke my toe!!!

Angela Schusler

ART ti fact....  art in fact
Sara BurnhART.... Sara dont burn the Art
ART tificial.....Art official
This is ARTrageous!!!
mART.....a place to buy paint or Art
walmART......a place to hang Art
apART.....I always long to be near Art..


This is an ARTicular piece of ART !

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