Four-year-old art prodigy Aelita Andre

Budding young artist takes the art world by storm!

4 year old artist Aelita AndreHailed as the "Pint-Size Picasso," four year old prodigy painter Aelita Andre began her forays into the world of art at the amazing age of 9 months old, had her first exhibition when she was 2, has produced over 200 paintings and now has a solo exhibition at Agora Gallery in New York City. Earning as much as $25,000 per painting sold, young Aelita seems poised to be the next star of the art world!Aelita Andre, Eagle Nebula

Aelita’s parents, Nikka Kalishnikova and Michael Andre, are both artists themselves, and are happy to support and encourage their child’s talents. Art critics the world over have touted her style as abstract expressionism, accidentalism, or surrealism. Aelita uses acrylic paints on canvas with abandon, and accents her pieces with found objects such as twigs, toys, and even paintbrushes themselves, creating three-dimensional effects and interesting textures.

Aelita’s current exhibition at the Agora Gallery is open until this Saturday, June 25th, if you are in the area and would like to see her art for yourself.

What do you think about young Aelita’s artistic masterpieces? Does she show a true understanding and control over her paintings? Do you believe that any child, given the proper resources and encouragement, could create works just as impressive?

Aelita Andre, Butterfly Nebula

Art, in any form, has been proven to be a powerful imaginative stimulant, and can help children learn to express themselves as well as providing beneficial, therapeutic effects. If you’re interested in encouraging your own child’s creativity, Jerry’s offers a wide selection of kids’ art supplies that are non-toxic, safe, and fun to use! Your children may or may not be the art world’s next painting prodigies — but chances are they will be happier, more open, and more expressive once they have experienced the freedom of art!

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Andy Mathis

I think it's great to encourage children to paint.  But to jump into the art business at such a young age, I'm not so sure.  

and isn't Agora the most widely known vanity gallery in the world?  


I'm sorry but I think the child is used by her parents to get rich. The child splatters enough paint on the canvas tobe called hers and mom or dad finishes it.

Linda Everett

Looks like another form of little diva to me...thinking of the parents on that TV show of the little beauty pageant kids!


Looks like bull to me.

I think the parents are making partial paintings and have her put stuff on it and smear paint. Most people don't know how to read art anymore (thanks to keeping it out of schools), and this just goes to show you how little thought you can put into a painting and people will be suckered into buying it if the right person speaks on your behalf. People will pay 25 grand for a piece of vanity BS but won't invest in art education for public schools.


I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure any kid could do that...your just setting the kid up for disaster.


Cute little girl but her parents seem a little stuck on themselves . It's great to see kids making art but the fact is , the difference between her art and any other kid or person for that matter is  , if a few people in high enough places call it art , then all the idiots in the world go a long with it . For the past 20 years I have seen kids like this come and go , and I ask why don't we ever hear from them again after they turn 10 ???  Maybe it's because they aren't as cute at 15 , 25 , 35 . lol hahahah


I believe any child could do what she has done which is drip paint on a canvas. I can't believe people are wow'd by this. Also that a gallery would host this display of parents using there child to get attention they crave. Any artist that has worked a lifetime to acheive the ability to turn out good work see's this for what it is.


This little girl is a delite and an encouragement to everyone to be who you are meant to be...shine!  I applaud her parents and anyone who has encouraged her to be who she is.  This isn't about commerce it's about spirit!




The difference between this child and any other - is that her parents allow her to play and bathe in the paint - most parents would be freaking with the mess she is making.

I don't think there is anything unique in her art - yes it is free and loose, but any other child this age would do the same given the chance.

We won't see her name mentioned in 10 yrs time.

missy smith

Since both parents are artists, is it a big surprise that she got into their paints and started dumping them on a canvas, like she has seen them do numerous times ?
At such an early age it's hard to tell if she truly is a child prodigy or just a child playing. It's similar to stories of monkeys and elephants who could paint. Give me a brake people !
I do think the parents are thrilled. I would be too at $25,000 a painting.
My only question to the parents...." do you want another daughter who paints, cooks, cleans and can drive a mean car ?  

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Karen A. Scofield

That looks like fun!  Most children's creativity has sharply dropped by the time they're seven year old and only gets worse with age. Hers hasn't. That's more crucial than many might suspect.

Many US and other employers are looking for creatives with degrees. Having a degree may not be enough in many cases.

Maybe people wouldn't want to put their kid in the limelight but supporting your children's creativity is good for developing brains, great for the whole kid, and later keeps doors of opportunity open.

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