WELCOME to the 2011 edition of Plein Air magazine

WELCOME to the 2011 edition of Plein Air magazine, the magazine artists, suppliers, schools, and collectors have been anticipating for years. The new version of this popular quarterly magazine is back in both a print and digital form, and it is supported by an active website because ...
♣    The number of artists, organizations, workshops, events, and collectors has increased dramatically.
♣    The Internet makes it easier to learn, join, promote, and buy works of art created directly from nature.
♣    Online social networks help artists, dealers, suppliers, teachers, and collectors find out where artists are painting, what work they just finished, and how they can make important connections.
♣    New products are available for using a wider variety of painting media, changing the consistency and drying time of paints, maintaining professional standards, traveling lighter and safer, dealing with variable conditions, working under extreme conditions, and having more fun!

The printed magazine version of Plein Air will feature beautiful reproductions of artwork, resources for artists and collectors, step-by-step demonstrations, directories of organizations and events, profiles of top artists of today and yesterday, and recommendations of equipment and supplies.

The digital e-magazine version of Plein Air will have all those features PLUS BONUS CONTENT not available in the print edition, including additional pages and interactive components such as videos of painters on location, audio slide shows of well-equipped studios and collector events, tours of public and private collections, and links to helpful resources. The e-magazine will be available online, by e-mail, and on iPads.

The Plein Air website will be updated daily and will contain valuable content from the print and digital magazines, PLUS galleries of members’ artwork, forums to discuss opportunities and resources, critiques to help aspiring artists, contests for gaining national exposure, videos of products and events, and news of what is happening right now!

The Plein Air e-letter will be distributed to our audience once weekly and will contain information on events, plein air news, and timely information of interest to the plein air community.

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Eric Rhoads

We are thrilled to bring back PLEIN Air and even more thrilled that advertisers like Jerrys have chosen to advertise and support the massive Outdoor painting movement. If you love the outdoors, love to paint..join the PLEIN air movement and join us at pleinair magazine!

Michael Marchetta

Hi eric,
Likewise... and keep up the great work. We look forward to working with PLEIN Air and will continue to support the "Outdoor Painting Movement"

Jerome Schmidthuber

Ok, I subscribed print and digital for 2 years. I wrote them if best of Plein Air is included and they need to update Jerrys ad saying it expired Jan 10th. Today is 2/21/11 I would think ok yet. Also asked if they are running behind schdule for my 1st issue being May 2011 where Spatter "sez" Feb 1st. Hmmm...

Judy Butler

I subscribed to the new Plein Air magazine in late Dec. 2010 or early Jan. this year.  Their site promised the magazine out in February.  Now it's mid April.  Still received nothing.  They got my charge card number. I got zero.  Buyer (or subscriber) Beware!

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