February 2011 Artist of the Month - Jim Martinez


I look at my art with the same satisfaction that an author might view his or her writing, or a musician might appreciate the music.  If I only had myself to share it with I would feel blessed.  I love to share what I create and can’t wait to show someone as soon as it’s done (my wife is usually my first victim).  As I have come to live with the fact that I am never completely satisfied with an end work, I know that I will always learn something from the drawbacks that I can carry to my next piece.  I have always loved the drawing aspect of fine art, and just recently began experimenting with scratchboard.  The hatching techniques required are, to me, a pure and basic form of drawing and shading.













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Marian Chamberlain

  What wonderful work!  I love the sharp contrast of the scratchboard, and the values that you have created are totally impressive!  I understand what you mean about  never being completely satisfied - I fell the same way.  I am glad that you are able to channel that in a positive way.  Your work is beautiful and your drawing skills exceptional!

Jim Martinez

Thank you for your comments and compliments! This kind of feedback is what keeps me going back to the drawing board.

Maris Sherwood

Outstanding works.  Your detail in each is amazing!

Paul Alexander

Really like your work.

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