Fun With Snazaroo!

Face Painting is easy!

Face painting is all about looking good and
having fun! Our face paints offer a great
variety of vibrant colors. They go on easily
and dry quickly, so you can easily complete
a design in less than 5 minutes.

Follow the 3 steps below to create your own Tiger face with Snazaroo Face Paint!

Step 1

Using a damp sponge paint the bottom half
of the face with Bright Yellow. Then sponge
the top of the face with Orange paint.

Step 2

Then apply the White detailing with a brush.
Paint a wide ‘moustache’, fangs, spiky
eyebrows and white strokes at the corner of
each eye and upwards from the jaw line.

Step 3

Color the tip of the nose Black and paint a
line down the centre of the top lip. Add 3
Black dots & whiskers on each side. Add
Black strokes to the eyebrows, corner of the
eyes, jaw line and around the fangs.


Feed your little tiger’s imagination with this
effective and impressive design.

Snazaroo High Density Sponge

Snazaroo Face Paint - Orange

Snazaroo Face Paint - Bright Yellow

Snazaroo Face Paint - White

Snazaroo Face Paint - Black

Snazaroo Face Paint Brush






Snazaroo face paints are
specially formulated to be
friendly to the most delicate
skin and are fragrance free.
All our face paints have
been reviewed by an
independent professor
of dermatology and professional toxicologists.

At Snazaroo we believe
in making our products
completely safe. Therefore,
you can rest assured that
all Snazaroo face paints are
manufactured using only
approved ingredients fully
          compliant with EU & FDA toy
          and cosmetic regulations,
          and are non-toxic!

Snazaroo face paints are all
water-based. This makes
them as easy to get off as
they are to put on. Simply
remove with soap and
warm water; there is no
need for scrubbing or
                   harsh removers.

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M Theresa Brown

Face painting is an outstanding way to add income to your art business. Seriously. FDA approved paints make parents happy and in the past I have walked away with $1,000 for a one day event when nothing else was selling....never underestimate the power of a parent's purse strings when it comes to spending on their children!

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