Outside The Lines -Artist Video Mockumentary

Outside The Lines - Dynamics of Young Artists



What "Outside The Lines" is all about...

Outside the Lines is a pilot comedy show based around four very different art school students. Filmed in a mockumentary style, the show examines the dynamics of young artists' minds, perceptions, hopes, dreams, and mishaps.

Playing on the insecurities and the search for identity during those trying times as an emerging artist, Outside the Lines seeks not only entertain, but to encourage its viewers to create more art.

This program contains mild* adult situations. Viewer discretion is advised.

Should we continue with the pilot?

We are looking to get get feedback on this video.

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Comments (5) -


It is a brilliant concept and premise; really well executed.  I definitely want to see more.  

Each character is unique and interestingly quirky.  I want to hate them, love them, and mock them all at once, and hope you'll continue so we can learn more about them.  

The music really suits the show.  Having top forty songs would be distracting - you got it exactly right!  
If asked how it could improve, I'd only say maybe turn it up a notch.  Not so far that it becomes over-the-top, but just a slight bit more exaggeration of character traits.  

Oh, and I'm curious to see what is behind Bobby's "owl."


First, there's much smoother feed on the YouTube versions. Second, I didn't find this entertaining at all (I honestly couldn't bear any more than 9 minutes), but rather depressing and self-indulgent with zero comedy involved. Perhaps that's what college-age kids like, I dunno. I think if you want to make an entertaining and inspirational film, you should go for a real documentary and not hire amateur actors and writers. How about some real character-driven drama about artists vs their art and all the fears and insecurities that come up in the process? Didn't see any of that here. How about the real world vs the artist's world? What kinds of pressures does the artist encounter? Leave out the fake kindergarten-level dramas and characters. How about showing a REAL art school as the environment? Or contrast what goes on an a real art school vs someone taking workshops vs someone who is self-taught? What does each approach give the artist? What can a "non-artist" gain by taking art up as a hobby and not a profession?

June E. Collins

It reminded me of "Community" on T.V.  I agree with Carol Strick, use real artists. They all seemed immature to be artist.  What artist would try to ruin someone elses painting.  As far as the hearts, they all looked the same. I feel like I wasted my time.

Cristabolina Velazquez

I liked it alot, it reminded me of the felicity show. I want to know if something happens between surge and the girl that paints in Black and white, they look like a cute couple.  I think they're all very talented, I honestly think surge's art will be catchy, in advertising I like how all the hearts are different.  I hope you guys continue the series, I'm gonna look for it.  The guy with owl, very funny, it's like he has this other side to him, in the class he looks so calm and level headed but when he went out looking for this owl, it just cracked me up.


Hahahahaha! This is great! This is done exactly like all of those stupid reality shows on MTV. I love how they have thought of every politically correct cliche out there. Brilliant!! Smile

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