September Artist of the Month - Nicholas Rocco

My name is Nicholas Rocco and I have been painting since 2003. I have been illustrating in various ways since i can remember. Art has been my outlet for my entire life. Art is not my professional life. I make very little money doing it, and keep at itbecause it makes me happy. My goal with anything i make is to be smiling at the end. When other people see my art, i just want them to smile with me. It is not my intention to use my art to express my opinions, or make some sort of statement. There are plenty of great artists using their abilities to demonstrate the possibility of deeper thought through creation. Those artists have my respect and admiration. I personally don't feel equipped to make bold or intelligent suggestions through my work. I'm just looking for a smile. No one can ever smile enough. We should all smile more.








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Lupe Miranda-Sapp

I like what I see!  Your work is very interesting, it draws one into the picture and makes you think.  I think we'll be seeing more of your work and I'm looking forward to it.  

angela annas

Congratulations, Nicolas. I noticed your artist statement is a lot like mine.

Ashton Thurston

I love your work! The water and teddy bear are my favorites.

Abdul Razak Conteh

congratulations,Nicolas. your impressive performance inspaired me so much,and i would like to know from you when, where and how to be part of this contest, with great intrest.

nicholas rocco

thanks for all nice comments. i order supplies form jerry's because they got big ol' white paint markers for cheap. but i found out about the contest of facebook. you just send them an email with some of your work and when they can fit you in they do. it was a few months before i got a response , but i never expect to be contacted. it was a huge surprise. people on facebook vote for you and that was where it worked in my favor. almost everyone i know has my work in their homes, so it wasn't hard to guilt them into voting. i owe winning to my friends and family. you can see more of my work at ...

...once again. thank you for the support and comments. as a mutant scribbler i am never sure when the next work will be coming but if i didn't have art, i would be a miserable little man.

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