So YOU Wanna Be a Street Artist by TMNK

Leave it to a NOBODY like me to alter the face of street art (wink). Why should it be all about getting up, having YOUR work seen, promoted, discovered in the streets? Where's the fun for people like YOU?

Okay, granted many of you don’t relish going out into the dark of night with wheat paste and paint, to leave your mark on the world. So a new art project gives everyone the opportunity to create some art in the streets with a quick slap of a sticker. I was thinking how interesting it might be to see the different faces that could be created by simply adding some lips to a decaying, wall, an abandoned building, or some trash left on the streets. What do I know, use your imagination (just please do not stick them on public or private property).
 So, enough with the "Lip Service" about Street Art being for EVERYONE. Iconic lip stickers have been given out, and are beginning to appear in the strangest places, and creating some very interesting Visages. So, now you too can be a street artist.  Looking forward to seeing what YOU come up with.



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M Theresa Brown

Nice idea Heather.
There is some young man in...I think NY who goes around quietly leaving little "happy faces" of art on 8 x 10 canvases everywhere. Near a bus stop, a restaurant, a subway entrance...everywhere. There is a note on each saying "I am free. Take me home" or something to that effect and at last count he had painted and given away 100's of these little paintings. People who did pick them up and take them loved them and said that it had brightened their day....anyway it made the national news as well as promoted him there is a very good idea in your suggestion!
Maybe you need "happy lips?" Smile

Sari Hooser

Very good post. I definitely appreciate this website. Keep it up!

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