Who Says You Need to Know What You're Doing?

My friend Heather and I, collectively known as Heather Squared, took some time to play!  We got out some Montana Gold Spray Paint  and Montana Hardcore Markers, layed down a tarp and got to work.  We had absolutely no plan and no idea what we wanted to make.  This was purely about having fun with a friend and some new art supplies. 

In my paintings, I am always very conscious about design elements, subject matter, and concept.  Sometimes you get so wrapped up in your art and your concept that you forget to play!  Although I continue to spend most of my time on my personal work, I always love to have Heather over so we can try new things and I can just enjoy the tactile nature of painting.  So here is a video of our last session.  I recommend you do the same! 




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Karl Wagner

Way to go! There's nothing like having some fun and creating at the same time. Interestingly enough, I usually get more comments and attention from the pieces I just sorta "did" than from the ones I planned and stressed over.


Loved it! I want to know where that awesome music came from though! Smile


That looks like a fun way to get the creative juices going.

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