What's the Buzz - Old Holland Classic Oil Colors

We're back for a New Year and New Products for you! Happy New Year! This year, get ready for more buzz on your favorite art supplies and materials. Today we're looking at Old Holland Classic Oil Colors because you all cant stop raving about it.    Old Holland was established in 1664 and is the worlds oldest artists' paint manufacturer! They've been making paint so long, most artists trust them intrinsically. Even the finest painters such as Van Gogh, Vermeer, Van Ruysdael and other dutch master painters used Old Holland. And why not, their colors are almost completely lightfast, are free of any cheap fillers or artificial driers and... [More]

Whats the Buzz- Snazaroo Face Paint

Trick or Treat in Style this year! In this spooky edition of Whats the Buzz, we're looking at one of our favorite Halloween products for kids. This week, lets look at Snazaroo Face Paint and Snazaroo Face Painting Kits, a great way to dress up for Halloween and get creative! Numerous studies have proven that facepaint is safer than wearing masks and children out trick or treating are more likely to see oncoming traffic with facepaint on rather than a bulky mask. Plus, Snazaroo Face Paints are a safe facepaint for your face. They are all made by hand with quality, non-toxic, cosmetically approved ingredients. They are compliant with all FDA r... [More]

Whats the Buzz- Rhapsody Kolinsky Sable Artist Brush Set

"The brushes are so responsive, it makes painting a whole lot easier!" In todays edition of Whats the Buzz, we're talking about a set of brushes every watercolorist own, the Rhapsody Kolinsky Sable Artist Brush Set! Each of the 5 brushes are made with the finest Kolinsky hair, which are bushy and responsive for great watercolor use. The set comes in a beautiful and stylish black and blue-violet case. Artists love these brushes: they're easy to use, responsive and springy and they are made from the highest quality so they last a long time.   Watercolor artists have also commented on how well the Kolinsky Sable brushes hold water extremel... [More]

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