What's the Buzz- Grey Palettes

Find out why so many people are making the switch Many artists have found a fairly new product on the market and are going crazy for it. Grey Palettes have technically been around for the longest time, but are just resurfacing in popularity. Painters in very olden times used to put their paint on slabs of marble because the grey color of the marble didn't reflect light off of it distorting the image of the color like a white or wooden palette would. Grey palettes offer a toned, neutral background that lets the artist see the colors as they will appear on their paintings. Compared to a white palette, the way a color appears on a stark white i... [More]

Whats the Buzz- Weber Permalba White Oil Colors and Value Packs

What people really think about "the ultimate in artists' white color" If you haven't already tried Weber Permalba White in your oil paintings, you might want to consider it for a couple of reasons. Its received so many positive reviews on our website, artists will not stop talking about it and sharing with us their work they've done with  it. Permalba White is an exclusive blend of titanium and other pigments giving it a brilliant white. It is acid and alkali resistant so it wont yellow or discolor. This fine paint delivers true color value with exceptional brilliance and has no tendency to crack due to it's buttery consistency that drie... [More]

Whats the Buzz- LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylics

We Dug Deep and Found What You Really Think About LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylics! For today's Whats the Buzz, we're looking at one of our most popular acrylic paints. Now the qualities of a good acrylic paint are high pigment levels, a wide choice of colors and colors that can keep their color even when they're diluted. That's how an artist would describe an "artist quality" acrylic. The acrylic we're talking about today has all of these qualities, but at a student grade acrylic paint price. We're talking about LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylics! For the price you can find LUKAS CRYL Studio acrylics at Jerry's Artarama, why would you use a lesser acrylic... [More]

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