Plein Air Painting - How to Travel with Art Supplies

  How to bring your supplies with you in the field!     Thus far, we've covered what plein air painting is, where to go to paint, and what to use for painting it. We've got one last problem though: how do we bring all our materials out into the field for plein air painting — wherever that field may be? Well, over the centuries artists have developed some very clever and convenient methods for travelling with art supplies, and they've only gotten better with time!     Easels To start with, let's pick something to paint on! Whether you're drawing on a pad of paper, painting on a watercolor block, or sketching wi... [More]

Plein Air Painting - Which Paint to Use

  Best mediums for drawing and painting en plein air!   In our series on plein air painting thus far, we've covered the definition and history of outdoor art, as well as some popular places for creating it. But what should we use when painting or drawing en plein air? Today we'll discuss the pros and cons of some of the most popular plein air painting media, so you can choose for yourself what to take into the field!     Pencils Pencils are perhaps the most basic of plein air media — and some of the most versatile! Whether using plain graphite, charcoal pencils, or vibrant colored pencils, drawing pencils are capa... [More]

Plein Air Painting - Where To Paint

  Best places for painting landscapes en plein air!     In our last post, we discussed the definition and history of plein air painting; determining that the simplest definition is "painting nature from within nature." Today, we'll take a little trip to discover said nature, and pick out a few perfect locations for plein air paintings!     People have always had a dynamic relationship with nature. Nature is beautiful; it is also dangerous and, at times, downright scary. But whether we are revering nature or fearing it, there is always a sense of awe attached. Nature is wondrous. It is bigger than us, it can demolish... [More]

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