2013 Turner and SoHo Spring Painting Contest Winners

  Check out the amazing winners of our spring painting contests Our most recent contests for the Spring of 2013 Our Turner Watercolor Contest and our SoHo Urban Artist Contest, I must say were very successful. We received so many amazing entries from all of our talented artist friends, it was extremely hard to pick a winner in either contest. It took multiple rounds of voting, but here's who we decided was the best of the best! First up, our Turner Spring Painting Contest Winners     First Place Winner "Peaceful Water Garden" by Kimberly Wakeman "I am a HUGE fan of Turner Watercolors because of their brilliant color h... [More]

Charvin Winter Painting Contest Winners

  Check out the talented winners of the 2013 Charvin Winter Painting Contest! Our most recent Charvin Painting Contest -- for the winter of early 2013 -- was undeniably a resounding success! We received so many amazing entries from our talented artist friends and customers that picking winners was incredibly difficult. But after multiple rounds of voting, we've narrowed the choices down to the following amazing entries!   First Place Winner "Maiko Satohana" by Phil Couture "I have used many brands of oil paint over the years, but Charvin is unmatched. The vibrancy and flow of the paint on the canvas is astounding and the range... [More]

Lukas Painting Contest 2013 Winners

It was an exciting round of new contests brought to you by Jerry's Artarama with record breaking entries! In the first part of the year we announced two new contests sponsored by Lukas and Charvin and the turnout was amazing. Thank you to all those amazing entrants and the 3 winners are listed below. We have many more exciting new contests going on right now so please be sure to enter here-> Art Contests. These contests are free to enter and offer great exposure and prizes.   First Place Winner "Rising Up" by Jill Pinkey One of my artist friends introduced me to Lukas Oils a few years ago.  I loved them instantly because th... [More]

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