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Tips for the best times to share your artwork online

What's your first instinct when you've finished a fabulous painting or an interesting arts and crafts project? You want to share it with the world, right? Well, in one way, you are very lucky because the internet provides so many different platforms, allowing you to reach a larger audience in and outside of your social circle. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and even Reddit are all great outlets for keeping in touch with family and friends, but did you know they can also be utilized for promoting your art? To gain the most exposure though, the trick is to know the most ideal times for posting on each of these different networking sites.

A lot of people spend their weekend time perusing their newsfeed or their favorite Pinterest boards. However, if you own a business or are in the market of selling your art or related services to the art world, the weekend is actually the worst time for you to be posting and sharing. Studies have been conducted on the best times. Let us share the info with you here:

Facebook and Twitter: A lot of people use these sites while they are at work. Users are most active during the early afternoon typically from 1PM to 4PM. Lunchtime is typically considered the worst time to post. Facebook can be great for posting artwork since you can post pictures directly to the newsfeed. Twitter is a growing resource for artists since you can now post twitpics and vines of your artwork. Just remember to keep any messages you have for your followers short and snazzy and get the most out of your 140 characters. 

Google Plus: Due to the fact that most people check their email and news sources first thing in the morning, between 9 an 11 am is the best for sharing and getting views of your artwork on Google Plus. Its is also good to provide links to your artist site or page on this particular outlet, as it can help increase your website's ranking and create better search engine optimization for you and your business.

Pinterest: Probably one of the best sites to post your arts and crafts online, the best times to post will be during the afternoon and late at night. Studies have shown that the site is busiest between 2 and 4PM or between 8PM and 1AM making it very popular with night owls. 

Reddit and LinkedIn: For both of these sites, best times of the day for people to see your posts and artwork are early morning or after the end of regular business hours. Between 8 and 9am and from 4 to 6pm are the best times for this site. It has also been said that posting on tuesdays or thursdays have proven to be particularly effective as these days are typically less busy than Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays.

Although this matter has been systematically explored, another upside to the social media world is that most of these websites offer you free insights as to how effective your strategies are. Facebook lets you track your likes and shares while Twitter shows you your retweets. In other words, pay attention and track your statistics to find what days and times work best your posts are most popular. Social media can be a great resource to show off your artwork, gain some exposure and show off your artwork!


Whats the Buzz


Practica Canvas & SoHo Acrylic Paints

In today's round of Whats the Buzz, we are looking at another two of our most talked about products: the Practica Stretched Canvas and SoHo Urban Artist Grade Acrylic Paints. Artists frequently talk to us about these products telling us great things, so now we want to share with you the Buzz on these excellent items.

First Up is the Practica Stretched Canvas. Artists claim to love how nicely they are stretched, and because they are pre-stretched, how they save artists lots of time. They also act as an inexpensive alternative to canvas panels and are great for beginners and students. Now lets see what real artists have to say and see what the Buzz is all about:

"Practica Canvases are perfect for teaching and very economical. They are classy looking in that the staples are on the back and not the side like the more expensive brands. Yay for Practica and Yay for Jerrys. Thanks."-Nogrits, Ohio

"If you are a freshman in college, studying art (especially drawing and painting majors) invest in a few boxes of these canvases in different sizes. I wish I had! These are a good quality for the price. I find the canvas is stretched much tighter than those in the same price range."-Allreba, Missouri

"I purchased these canvases to use when teaching oil painting. They were a delight as they are very smooth, saving my students time and their brushes. They are an excellent value."-Sue, Florida (see how well the canvas holds paint below)

 "I paint florals and pet portraits on the canvases. They are first rate-and the price is the best I found after many hours of research! Thank you!"-Sally, Florida

Sounds like these have become extremely positive because they are the best price around and great for quick paintings and studies. If you like to paint, give them a shot and let us know what you think about them. We love to hear what you have to say!


Next up is SoHo Urban Artist Grade Acrylic Paints. Artists won't stop talking about how much they love these acrylics because they leave a lustrous finish, provide excellent coverage and have a great range of brilliant pigments. But lets put it to the real test and see what the Buzz is all about:

"Good bang for the bucks. Great paint for Landscape painting. Easily applied with brush or knife. Tends to dry quickly so be ready to paint. Blends good and great color values."-Louie, Texas

"I used this product for a painting in my home, it worked great for the canvas I had and the colors are gorgeous. It was super easy to clean up afterwards with little to no dripping and came off easy with water alone. I haven't noticed anything bad about these paints, I am very happy with the results!"-Just a beginner, North Carolina

"After getting a few of these colors and trying them out, I went and purchased about 30 more colors. They are very smooth right out of the tube. They also work well with other company's mediums. I love these colors and for the price, they are much better than some of the other competitors."-Jason, Arizona

"These are excellent acrylics-the color is intense and the texture, buttery. I love using them and I've tried several brands. Many are quite good, personally, I find SoHo Urban as good as any of the best and they are more economical. I don't see how you can go wrong. I use them for fine art work, both abstract and representational and get excellent results."-Graybird, Connecticut 

Looks like the artists have spoken and proclaimed SoHo Acrylics as "top of the line". Thanks again for all of the input and remember, we love to hear what you have to say! We love to find out where the buzz is with the latest art products, tools and mediums. And stay tuned for next week's Whats the Buzz!



2013 Turner and SoHo Spring Painting Contest Winners


Check out the amazing winners of our spring painting contests

Our most recent contests for the Spring of 2013 Our Turner Watercolor Contest and our SoHo Urban Artist Contest, I must say were very successful. We received so many amazing entries from all of our talented artist friends, it was extremely hard to pick a winner in either contest. It took multiple rounds of voting, but here's who we decided was the best of the best!

First up, our Turner Spring Painting Contest Winners



First Place Winner

"Peaceful Water Garden"
by Kimberly Wakeman

"I am a HUGE fan of Turner Watercolors because of their brilliant color hues, smooth blending with the water on the paper, and super mix-ability which allows me to create subtle, moody watercolor scapes, or bolder, brighter watercolor scenes. You will be SO pleased with the Turner Watercolor range! I am hooked!"


Second Place Winner

"Out of It"
by Marcel Franquelin

"I draw in graphite, charcoal, soft pastel and pen and ink. I paint with oil, acrylics (airbrushed) and watercolor. I like to pick the medium best suited for my subject. Watercolor is the least forgiving medium of all; it is all about preparation, long thinking and fast acting. because of its difficulty, it can get quite pricey and frustrating, especially when the colors do not "react" as intended, turning out to look weak, or fading away with time. Turner watercolors are reasonably priced, concentrated and lightfast; what's not to like? Watercolor work is demanding enough to the artist, having a medium of quality on your side is a must, and I definitely recommend Turner"


Third Place Winner

"Southern Migration by Moonlight"
by Frank Wilson

"As a full time, professional artist since 1971, I have tried and experimented with many brands of gouache paint. I have found that, among them all, Turner Designer Gouache is my choice color because it is consistently superior in the dense pigment load and exact color match from tube to tube. I easily make rich, vibrant textures and broken color with a velvety finish with Turner Gouache that are often mistaken to be pastels! Turner Designer Gouachelends itself to the wide variety of application methods that I use in each of my paintings; sponging, scrubbing, knife painting, splattering, dip-pens, airbrushing, as well as the use of more traditional hog bristle, camel hair and sable brushes. The realism I achieve is made easier because I know my paints are consistent from batch to batch and I can depend on the full color saturation of Turner Designer Gouache to achieve very deep to very delicate passages of color, and heavy, rich textures. Even the engineering of the tubes is superior to other brands resulting in ease of use and less color loss! I heartily recommend Turner Gouache paints to my gouache workshop participants."


For our honorable mentions, see the rest of our Turner contest winners



And our SoHo Spring Contest Winners,



First Place Winner

by Dorian Gray

"I love the smoothness of and drying time of SoHo Paints. It gives me just enough time for it to dry from week to week. I also love the brilliance of these paints and how easily they glide onto the canvas and how, like people they mingle with interaction."


Second Place Winner

by Wendy Wu

"I bought a set of SoHo Urban Artist colored pencils and it turns out to be perfect for this image. The brilliant shades of red make the Qipao dress come to life. I wanted the whole painting to have a warm color scheme and I was able to blend layers of color to get that effect. I would definitely recommend SoHo colored pencils to other artists"


Third Place Winner

"Man and His Best Friend"
by Armando Araujo

"Since moving to the US a year ago, I have been to the Jerry's Artarama stores. Once I began buying SoHo products, I was amazed. I feel it is a quality product as well as a good priced one. I have many brands that I could choose but I do prefer SoHo"


For our honorable mentions, see the rest of our SoHo contest winners


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