Jerry's Artarama Corporate Halloween Pumpkin Contest 2013

Announcing the Winners

As artists, we believe its always important to stay creative and just like you all, we enjoy the seasons. So for this halloween, we had a Pumpkin Carving Contest at our corporate headquarters and let me just say, our employees really showed off their artistic talents!

After working hard all week to find artists the best materials and art supplies available, we got to stretch our artistic legs, eat some pizza, try some pumpkin carving products and paints and get a little messy carving some fun and spooky pumpkins to show off at our office.

Each staff member received a pumpkin and was given access to some of our best pumpkin carving and painting products like Wood and Lino Cutting Tools Sets, Matisse Structure Acrylic paints, Creative Mark FX brushes and the PTK Pottery Tool Kit for carving and scoring. Each member of our team really got into it and when given the best products on the market, could really express themselves in their own pumpkins. 

So take a look at the pumpkin creations we made here at Jerry's. And if you think you have the artistic chops to compete like we did, check out our Paint or Carve Your Pumpkin Facebook Contest, you could win up to $200. The contest is oven through November 2nd. I know we had a lot of fun decorating our pumpkins here and you will too!

We had many great entries and everything from scary to sporty to funny pumpkins. He's our Grand Winner: 



Cinderella Carriage by Cate, one of our copywriters

All of our entries were great, but Cate's pumpkin went above and beyond. She thought outside of the box and used framing wire to make the wheels. She even added in Little Jerry! If you're interested in making your own princess Cinderella pumkin carriage, Cate was nice enough to share with us her "in the making" photos to show you how to make your own.

Tip 1: Make sure you prime your pumpkin with a light color before you paint your pumpkin. Otherwise you will be adding coat after coat of paint.


Tip 2: Think outside the box and and add props and accessories to really set your pumpkin apart.


Here are our Staff Favorites:





And of course, all of entries were great and spooky: Here are all of them together!


Our office looks great now and very festive. Let us know which of the pumpkins is your favorite and please share your artistic pumpkins with us in the comments below! Also, dont forget to share your own pumpkin on our Facebook contest page. Happy Halloween!


Whats the Buzz- Rhapsody Kolinsky Sable Artist Brush Set

"The brushes are so responsive, it makes painting a whole lot easier!"

In todays edition of Whats the Buzz, we're talking about a set of brushes every watercolorist own, the Rhapsody Kolinsky Sable Artist Brush Set! Each of the 5 brushes are made with the finest Kolinsky hair, which are bushy and responsive for great watercolor use. The set comes in a beautiful and stylish black and blue-violet case. Artists love these brushes: they're easy to use, responsive and springy and they are made from the highest quality so they last a long time.  

Watercolor artists have also commented on how well the Kolinsky Sable brushes hold water extremely well. And in tests, they have proven to hold color extremely well. Each brush has chrome-plated brass ferrules and a long black polished wood handle. These classic, full English sized watercolor brushes have been a big hit for awhile now, and its time to hear about all the buzz is about from real people who use and love these brushes!

"With these sable brushes, I don't need to worry about loose hairs being left behind in my paint stroke! The #6 is now my 'go-to' brush; so well-crafted and easy to handle"-Etta, WI

"I consider myself a 4th year student so I use the brushes in watercolor exercises and 'tests' I give myself. I had only 4 Kolinsky's before, waited for astonishing sales and still spent far, far more than for these...but these are as good or better. The sizing is also generous."-Jane, CA

Jan from NC wrote us and said,"Gave these to an artist friend for Christmas and she has told me more than once how wonderful these brushes are and that she doesn't know how she ever painted without them."

"I use the brushes everyday and wonder how I got along without them in the previous years"-Marcia, OR

Marina from Columbia South Carolina left us a review on the Rhapsody Kolinsky Sable Artist Brush Set and rated the set at 5 stars and as a "must have". She writes, "The Rhapsody Red Sable brushes are fantastic, I got my set a few days ago, and finally got to test it out yesterday. I used the #8, which is the largest one in the set. Played with my watercolors. The brush surprised me at how much water it is able to hold. And the point is perfect. The tip can make up the thinnest line, without splitting. Just perfection. A great product and I highly recommend it to anyone."

Raven, another artist who rated the brushes at 5 stars described her experience this way: "I purchased these brushes because they were on sale for a set of Kolinsky Sable. I don't feel I will regret the purchase. I tried these brushes this morning and they work great. Water retention is good and they spring back to form with each stroke. On doing some tight detail with the #6, the brush stayed pointed and worked very well. I would definitely recommend this set of brushes to my artist friends."


One woman from Seattle, Jana, found a different use for the Rhapsody set. She discovered the real value and versatility of the brushes. She wrote to us saying, "This is the perfect set of Kolinsky brushes for acrylic nail art. It's hard to find high quality brushes for nail techs but these are absolutely perfect.

Be sure to check out the Rhapsody Kolinsky Sable Brush Page to see more reviews and more information including video on these Artist grade brushes. Try them out and then tell us what you thought of them. We love to hear back from you and who knows, maybe you'll see your own review in one of our next editions of Whats the Buzz!


The Rule of Thirds - A Rule of Thumb

This Simple Trick Will Help Your Painting or Drawing Immensely 

To master a skill, we must learn the basics. When it comes to art composition, it can serve us well to become deeply familiar with basics such as the color wheel, negative spaces, painting rhythms, and the Rule of Thirds.

Once you begin adhering to the rule of thirds, it may be difficult for you to stop picturing it whenever you paint, draw or sketch. Here's how its done:

  1. When you have a clean canvas, either physically draw or simply visualize two sets of lines running horizontally and vertically across and up and down the blank space. It should look something like an empty tic-tac-toe board with nine equal parts. At the points where the lines intersect (and there will be four of them, creating in and of themselves their own sort of square) are to serve as your guides for your composition. Those four spaces are very important as they are the points at which the eye is naturally drawn. They are your focal points. Use them wisely.
  2. Next, you want to use these four points in such a way that the eye is drawn , not only to those four spaces, but also in a way that the background(and essentially the painting as a whole) can be taken in. You do not want to make the mistake of creating an image that takes up the space directly in the center of the four intersections. They are your focal points; use them wisely.
  3. You can achieve the right kind of balance by starting with an object on one intersection, and then placing a secondary object at the opposing intersection. This will create a sense of of interest, tension and energy instead of centering on the subject. This is the trickiest part: Focusing on your subject yet also presenting the scene in its entirety. After all, you're not painting a bull's-eye ; you are making a moment in time to come to life, whether it is a bird in a tree, or a bowl of fruit on a farmer's table.

The rule of thirds was created for visual art, yet it can also be applied to photography and virtually and other type of graphic design. The underlying reason is this: It creates a pleasing composition, no matter what medium the artist (or photographer or designer) is using. This is because it prevents the composition being split in half, either horizontally or vertically. Instead, it allows the subject to grow into the most enhancing space.

Of course, some people will say that rules are meant to be broken. This goes for rules of grammar, certainly, and also rules of art, in some instances. Understanding the rule, and experimenting with it, is a great way to train your eye, but it doesn't mean you have to adhere to it every time you find a subject you'd like to bring to life on your canvas. Knowing the rules- and tuning your sense as to when they should be broken-is just another step in becoming a master of art, or in any field of life. 

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