The Home Art Studio Teaches Children Crafts and Cooking this Holiday

15 New Arts and Crafts Projects with Holiday Themes!

If you are having trouble finding new arts and crafts projects for your children to work on whether they are out of school for the holidays or just want to get festive before the holidays, then look no further. Jerry's has the resource for you. Jerry's Artarama and the Home Art Studio present the new Holiday Arts and Crafts DVD with Lindsey Volin!

With 96 minutes of beginner level arts and crafts projects, children at grade school ages will be entertained with projects themed around Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Each Holiday gets two fun and exciting themed arts and crafts projects as well as something new this year....

Thats right, Cooking and Baking projects!

Now for each Holiday, Ms. Volin will guide children through fun baking projects such as heart shaped pizzas for Valentines Day and Marshmallow Dippers for Christmas. She'll also include fun arts and crafts projects like Monster Treat Bags for Halloween and Turkey Pinwheels at Thanksgiving. 

It makes the perfect gift this holiday season. The DVD includes a materials list for each art project and recipe so you can be ready with everything you need. Ms. Volin will show you step-by-step how to get creative with each holiday theme. 

The DVD includes:

  • 5 Holidays (Valentines, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • 10 Crafts Projects (2 for each Holiday)
  • 5 Food Projects (1 for each Holiday)
  • Supply lists and recipes




In this wonderful DVD from the Home Art Studio, you're guaranteed a good time working on projects such as Hanging Heart Suncatchers, Haunted Caramel Apples, Corn Wreaths, Turkey Pinwheels, Snowman Pencil Toppers, Elf Silverware holders and much, much more. Be sure to pick up your copy today only and get your children in the holiday spirit while becoming creative and inspired by the visual arts! 

So grab your DVD, supplies and lets get Crafty! For only $25 you can have all the family fun creating holiday arts and crafts! Make some memories!


Take your Art Outdoors for Fall with the Jullian Easel

 Enjoy the outdoors while its still warm enough with an easel you can take with you!

The middle of November brings many things, cool nights, gray overcast skies and an absolutely beautiful abundance of colors in the trees and leaves. It paints the perfect scene for any Artist to take advantage of. The contrast of the yellows, reds and golds of the leaves and light against the deepening grays and earthy browns of the shadows and the sky creates the perfect juxtaposition. It is enough to inspire any artist to get outside while it is still warm enough to paint.  

If you plan on tackling the great outdoors with your paints or pastels, make sure you have the right easel with you. Jerry's recommends the Jullian Escort French Easel. This easel was designed for traveling and Plein-air painting. It's easy to pack up and take with you. A handy drawer holds all of your materials whether they are paints and brushes or pastels and blenders. It also folds up neat and comes with a handy carrying strap to avoid all of that lumbering around. The Jullian French Easel also has metal spikes at the end of each leg to be ready to be put into the ground at any time. The pegs could even keep your easel sturdy when the ground is frozen and cold.

If you're an artist on the go, this is the easel for you. And if you don't already have one, Jerry's Artarama has placed the Jullian Escort French Easel on sale for only $99.99. That would be a good deal for any easel, but remember, this is the easel you can take with  you anywhere and it has a metal-lined drawer to hold all of your paints and pastels. If you purchase this easel now though, you not only get the best value price of $99.99, but you will also receive a free Jerry's Artarama gift card worth 15 dollars. And when you order online, you can also receive free shipping and handling!

"I purchased the Jullian Easel from Jerry's and I love it. As a painter of the outdoors, it has everything I could want in a traveling easel. First of all, its easy to take with you, I can fit all of my paints and brushes in the slide out paint drawer and it's sturdy enough to take on hikes or even to paint beach scenes."-Eric, Palm Harbor, FL

Maybe you could even paint a grand fall vista. The Jullian Easel can easily hold canvases up to 34.5" high to capture all of the majesty of fall.

 Enjoy nature and painting with this easel you can take anywhere.

You can paint indoors in your living room or studio anytime. Enjoy this weather before it's too cold to go out and grad a Jullian Escort French Easel, grab your paints and start painting in nature today. Fall only lasts so long, and yet it is one of the most colorful times of year, enjoy the weather while you can, and get out and paint!


Happy 173rd Birthday Monet!

Let's Celebrate the Father of Impressionism! 

Monsieur Oscar-Claude Monet was born November 14, 1840, on the fifth floor of 45 rue Laffitte, in the ninth arrondissement of Paris. His biographies paint him as someone who strove to commit his life to his artwork. He entered a secondary Art's Academy at the tender age of eleven and now long after began selling his artworks, caricatures, on the streets of Paris. Monet undertook his first drawing lessons from Jacques-Francois Ochard, a former student of Jacques-Louis David. 


As a teenager, Claude Monet dabbled en plein air style of painting. Later in life his works of outdoor scenery would become the flagship of his success. His most crowning achievement being that he was a huge influence in the establishment of the impressionistic period of art. In fact, the term Impressionism is derived from the title of his painting Impression, Sunrise. 



While the term Impressionism was originally meant as an insult to Monet's work, but as time went by, Impressionists took on the name for themselves. Impressionistic works are typically characterized by short brush strokes of bright colors in immediate juxtaposition to represent the effect of light on objects or a manner of painting in which forms, colors, or tones of an object are lightly and rapidly indicated with little attention to detail.

Some facets of Impressionism, which Monet often emphasized in his paintings include:

  • Colors applied side-by-side, with little mixing, creates a vibrant surface.
  • Natural light is highly emphasized.
  • Shadows were often highly emphasized with the blue of the sky being reflected.
  • And Short, thick strokes to capture the liveliness of nature and society.

Other "Impressionist" painters include such greats as Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.


To celebrate this momentous birthday, Jerry's would like to share the gift of the Traveling Monet French Easel, now at 52% off list price!  Made to the highest standards by skilled craftsman, this hand oiled wood easel holds a huge selection of supplies. Finally you can bring along a whole studio's worth of art supplies, including everything from paint tubes, charcoal and drawing gear, to palettes, palette cups, painting knives and brushes to paint in the outdoors as Monet himself did!




We leave you with one of our favorite Monet paintings: A bridge over water lilies.

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