Did You Know- Salvador Dali

Celebrating his 111th birthday a day late with some fun facts about this twisted artist!

Salvador Dali and his pet ocelot, Babou

We all know Salvador Dali as one of the more eccentric and flamboyant artists that graced the 20th century. Although we mostly know Dali for his trademark curly mustache and "melting clocks", how much do we really know about him or his art? Well here at the Splatter, we thought we'd celebrate his 111th birthday (born May 11th, 1904) and share some fun facts about Dali. So, here are some little known facts about this incredibly fascinating artist:

      • Dali's whole name is Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech.
      • Dali was born May 11, 1904 in Figueres, Spain.
      • Dali believed he was the reincarnation of his older brother also named Salvador Dali, who died during childbirth nine months before Salvador Dali was born. At age 5, Salvador was taken to his brother's grave where his parents told him they believed he was the reincarnation of him. He believed that from that day on and it heavily affected his work with images of his dead brother appearing embedded in his later works, especially Portrait of My Dead Brother painted in 1963.
      • On top of painting, Dali was also a skilled at film, photography, sculpture and drafting.
      • Dali hated to pay restaurant bills- he had a habit of inviting large parties of people out to restaurants and then when it came time for the bill, he would write out the bills amount on a check. When the waiter was looking, Dali would sketch or doodle on the back of the check knowing that no sane person would cash a check with an original drawing by him on it.
      • His most famous painting The Persistence of Memory was inspired by Dali seeing some Camembert cheese melting in the heat on a hot summer day. That night, he dreamed of clocks melting just like the cheese and the image became one of his most famous paintings.

The Persistence of Memory

  • Dali was married to a woman named Elena Ivanovna Diakonova or as he knew her, Gala. In 1968, Dali bought her a castle in Spain. Dali himself was only allowed to visit the castle after obtaining her permission in writing.
  • Dali has produced over 1,500 paintings during his career on top of producing sketches and illustrations for books, lithographs,, theatre sets, costumes and even collaborated with Walt Disney on a short animated film. 
  • Dali's paintings are often provocative and incredibly imaginative, which were not the result of drug use. Dali actually would stand on his head long enough to become semi-lucid (such as Swans Reflecting Elephants [right]).
  • Dali once gave a plaster replica of his brain to musician Alice Cooper. The plaster brain was topped off with a real chocolate eclair and covered in ants. He would later create a hologram of Cooper with lasers. 
  • Dali was a showman and once gave a lecture in a full deep-sea diving suit. He almost suffocated in it when he refused to take it off during the lecture. 
  • Dali had a pet Ocelot named Babou.
  • He once claimed that his well known moustache was an antanae that could receive alien signals.
  • Jerry's Artarama carries the Dali Eco-Friendly Bamboo French Easel inspired by the french easels Dali used.
  • Dali died January 23rd, 1989 of heart failure and is buried at the Dali Museum and Theatre in Figueres, Spain.

There are some of the more interesting facts about the life and times of Salvador Dali. To find out more about Salvador Dali, check out the DVD-Artists of the 20th Century: Salvador Dali 


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A Jerry's Online Street Team Art Project with Ron Croci and Da Vinci Panels

Jerry's Artist Spotlight Artist Ron Croci Is Back With Another Great Art Project

1. The Da Vinci Birch Panel Label.


The enclosed tutorial is an explanation of how I have used a Da Vinci, Cradled, Birch panel supplied by Jerrys Artarama to create the art work titled HAMAKUA POKO for the book, THE ATLAS OF SURFING. to be published in five languages by ISLAND HERITAGE in 2016.

These panels are beautifully crafted, light weight and sturdy. Really they are more like furniture than a painting surface. They could probably be assembled into a very fine cabinet.

2. Here is the panel with its plastic wrap as it comes from Jerry's. 


3. This angle shows the cradled side supports.


4. At this point I cover the surface with a good quality latex household primer. Primer is great and I use it as an under coat of the Gesso layer.


5. Here are the primed sides.


6. This view shows the back, one primed and one plain as it comes from the package.


7. This is the primed surface with the sanding block I use to knock down any bumps.


8. At this point I apply a final coat of Matisse Gesso.


9. Then a quick sanding of the Gesso. The foundation is complete.


Now you may ask yourself why I go to so much trouble with the preparations. Two coats of sanded primer, front back and sides, along with a final coat of sanded Gesso. The reason is that I want to do the best work possible because I am using the finest materials available. Also, my collectors are people who work hard and save diligently to acquire my works of art. They are considered precious by the buyers and are handed down to their children as family heirlooms. I know what my art means to them so I give them my best, both in materials and craft.


10. Next I apply the drawing to the surface. Here on the left is the drawing which I transfer to the surface by rubbing the back with charcoal and going over the lines with a ball point pen.


11. This is the beginning of the undercoat which I have applied with an acrylic wash. At times I also use thinned out oil paint.


12. The under painting continues.


13. More under painting


14. The final under painting is completed. At this time I would like to exhibit the wonderful BLACK SWAN BRUSHES I have used to create this work of art. Their long handles give perfect balance and the tips remain like new for longer than most other brushes I have used in my career. I also greatly appreciate that they are synthetic and not made from living animal hair.


15. The next step is to complete the art with a final coat of oil paint. It is now done and all that is left is to let it cure and give it a coat of Damar Varnish.


Thank you Jerry's Artarama for giving me the opportunity to use and demonstrate my method with the exquisite DaVinci Cradled Birch Panels, and the magical BLACK SWAN BRUSHES.

Learn more about Ron Croci and his art in our Artist Spotlight articles Multi-Media Artist Ron Croci Jerry's Artist Spotlight! and A Jerry's Online Street Team Art Project with Ron Croci

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