Cheers To A Creative New Year!

What does the New Year mean to you and your art?

A new year means new art! We've made our artist resolutions for the year here and we know you have too. Over the last two weeks we posed this question on social media and at Jerry's Artarama online store:


This week on Jerrysartarama.com, we took a poll asking artists what they wanted to accomplish over this next year in art? We received thousands of interesting answers and everything from "make more time for art" to "get a gallery showing" to "learn to draw stickmen neatly for a change."

Here are the results of our "Do you have any art related resolutions or plans for 2014?" Poll:

As you can see, the biggest resolution was to create more art and spend more time creating art. Next up at 51%, more artists want to experiment with new art techniques.50% of those polled wanted to finish their art projects.Tied at 46.2% of those polled want to shop at Jerry's and save more money on great art supplies while others wanted to get better organized in their art studio. Others really want to sign up for art workshops and to learn to sell more of their artwork. 

Well, we at The Splatter will be bringing you plenty of articles and content this year based on these results. Get ready for a year of learning new techniques, art contests for you to enter and win prizes. We will have more What's the Buzz?- product reviews by artists like you and tons of new product reviews to help you create more!

The Splatter will also teach you more about how to work as a professional artist, organize your studio like the greats and give you even more tips and tricks. Also be on the lookout  for our 5 Part Investigative Series on "How to Stop Eating Your Paints" coming in March (just kidding).

And Jerry's Artarama will continue to bring you more savings and discounted prices on the best, top quality art supplies and materials in the industry. You can count on Jerry's to support your creative passion. 

Remember, with Jerry's, this year you can Save More, Create More!


Here are some more of our favorite 2014 artist resolutions from our fans on Facebook that we thought we'd share. Maybe you'll see yourself in here!

Top artist resolutions 2014

"Just cancelled my cable...less TV and more painting!"- Claudia Hyde

"Finish all works in progress, rebuild my art portfolio and Etsy store, and begin new projects."- Kelli Bosarge

"Ditch realism and pursue Impressionism."- Mary Abraham Bowles

"Finish up my half sleeve and draw a few new tatoos for myself; also become more comfortable with oil paints."-Kristin Ellen Brown

 "Break my own mold."- Steven Marino

"Paint more. And to keep pestering you guys to get a store in the western part of NC"- Dawn Dreibus

"To concentrate on drawing men. And hands....hands piss me off."- Katilyn Monnier

"To challenge my creativity outside my comfort zone!"- Lynnette Hill Saucedo

"Create it, do it, make it, paint it, sculpt it, love it"- Suzi Reaves

"More Nudes!"- Mark Sharpe

"Enter more art shows!"- Cody Newman

"Spend more time in God's glorious painting of Earth and paint more paintings of my darling horse, Jezebel"- Reginald Fairview

"To sharpen my portrait skills in watercolor, pastel and graphite"- Dixie Art



Announcing Jerry's 2nd Annual Self Portrait Contest- Enter Now!


2014 Self Portrait Contest - up to $4000 in Prizes could be yours!

 Jerry's Artarama is once again excited to announce it's second annual Self-Portrait Contest with up to $4000 in prizes. We had such a great turnout with last year's contest (over 1900 Entries, WOW!!!) that we wanted to start the year off right again with another great self portrait contest!

So from now until April 6th, you can enter your own self portrait submission on our Jerry's Artarama Facebook Page. Our rules for the contest are simple: pick any wet or dry media (acrylics, oils, watercolors, colored pencils, pastels, you choose!), then paint or draw a picture of yourself and submit it to our Facebook Page. You can use any media as long as it is you!. Each contestant may submit one portrait apiece and the winners will be chosen from there. Voting will begin on facebook April 30th and 30 finalists will be chosen by a community popular vote from our fans. 30 additional finalists will be chosen by a jury of artists.

All 60 finalists then will then be reviewed by a separate jury of professional artists who will decide the winners for First Place, Second Place, Third Place and 30 Honorable Mentions.

All 33 Winners will be announced April 21st, 2014!

------------2013 Self Portait Contest Flashback-------

See 2013 Winners Gallery.
2013 1st Place Winner 
Mary Chiaramonte


 Contest Rules

So enter today for your chance to win! For the full contest rules and details, check out our contest page.


Artist Lisa Ober Reviews Mungyo Soft Gallery Pastels

New Year, New Reviews!

Happy New Year! Recently, we gave Pastel Artist Lisa Ober a 200 Piece Set of Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels to try out and she gave the world an amazing piece of art in return! The deluxe set of 200 we gave her features every color of Gallery Handmade Soft Pastels in a deluxe finished wood box with 2 trays to hold the entire range of colors. For a professional pastel artist, this set is the perfect indulgence. Because of their hand-rolled softness, they are great for subtle blends, laying down rich colors and lush layering which can create some absolutely stunning works of art like Lisa's:


Lisa's Review:

Lisa tried out the Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels Set of 200 and here is what she had to say about them:

"The full set of 200 is an excellent starter or base set with a wide variety of color choices packed into a beautiful sturdy and classy box which is perfect for travel. The set that I received was perfectly intact without a single break (I don't like broken new pastels). The colors are nicely arranged and AP non-toxic. Each pastel is about the size of a woman's thumb, very similar to Unison Soft Colour Pastels. For me, the size is perfect.

The quality of each pastel was consistent across the range of colors I used. The pigments are pretty rich...at least the blue/green colors that I pulled out for this piece and I assume that is true for the other colors.

Gallery Handmade Soft Pastels have approximately the hardness /softness of something between Rembrandt Pastels and Unisons. They are only slightly less blendable than the Unisons for this reason. The option to subtly shift tones in additional layers is excellent but for some, to significantly change a color with subsequent layer would require a softer pastel such as Unison, Mount Vision, Townsend, or Schminke. This also may depend on the surface you prefer and how much pressure you apply when painting. Still, they are good for blending and layering and are a great base set for professionals and students.

The gallery's handled very well on UART Sanded Pastel Paper (600 grit) which is my favorite surface so far. I imagine they would be good on any professional pastel surface. My overall impression of these pastels was excellent and even more impressive when one considers the value. The full set is priced at $624.99 but on sale through Jerry's (available on sale 1/30/2014, but available for pre-order now) for $499.99, you really can't beat the price at all for the overall value. I'd love to hear your thoughts or any questions you have but I hope this helps. Happy painting!"

-Lisa Ober

And here are some of the images Lisa Captured of the Mungyo Gallery Handmade Soft Pastels. 



To see more of Lisa's amazing artwork, check out See What You Can Create with UART Sanded Paper and Gallery Soft Pastels!

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