See What You Can Create with UART Sanded Paper and Gallery Soft Pastels!

Folks, Lisa Ober has done it again!

If you remember, Lisa Ober reviewed Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels in Artist Lisa Ober Reviews Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels. As an incredible pastel artist, she continues to stun us all with her beautiful work. Using Gallery Handmade Professional Pastels and UART Sanded Professional Pastel Paper. Gallery Handmade Professional Pastels lay down thick colors and are great for layering and blending. UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper is graded to allow for multiple layers of color and consistency. It can accept multiple applications of soft and hard pastels as well as watercolor and oil washes. 

To read more on Lisa's:  full review of Gallery Artist Handmade Pastels and review of UArt Premium Sanded Pastel Paper

Its no surprise that working with the best supplies and a great amount of talent that Lisa was able to create such a stunning masterpiece. Now she just needs your help to name it!


Name the Painting Contest

Winner receives a reproduction of this pastel painting of marbles(shipping included) for Free! Yes, free! That's my thank-you for a great title. You all know how this goes but since we have new folks joining us, heres how it works (please read so you don't miss out):

1.Leave your title suggestion in the comments section on Lisa Ober's Facebook Fan Page: The Art of Lisa Ober. Comments are welcomed also, but make sure if you want to be in the contest that it is clear.

Example: TITLE: Marbles are Lovely.

2. Deadline for submissions is Saturday, January 18th at 11:59 PM(tonight at midnight).

3. Lisa will compile the title submissions into one list.

4. A day or two later, check back on her facebook page to VOTE on your favorites which will be listed in a new post. Thats really important. It will be clear that the new post is for voting and she will allow a few days so that you can ask your friends to vote for their favorite titles. If you love your own suggestion, tell your friends to vote for it. 

5. After a count has been tallied, Lisa will announce the winner in a new post. If you win, she will contact you immediately through Facebook message. If you win and don't hear from her immediately, please message her on Facebook.

She is looking for clever, profound, unique or quirky titles and you all have pulled through many times. Have fun!



New and Innovative Technical Drawing Tools Will Change the Way You Draw!

Discover New Ways to Draw

We really like to sketch here at Jerry's Artarama. We've all been doodling and sketching since the first time our hands touched crayon to paper when we were young. Since then, we've been looking for new and better tools to accurately capture our subjects on paper or whatever wanton images were stuck in our head at the time. Recently, we've found two new drawing instruments that can add new dimensions to your drawings. We want to talk to you about the new Jerry's Jumbo Jet Black Pencil and the Isomars Technoart Pens!

 Jerry's Jumbo Jet Black Pencil

To start off, lets talk about the Jerry's Jumbo Jet Black Pencil. There is no better pencil out there for producing strong outlines, sketching and shading. A thick center of oil impregnated charcoal gives this pencil the strength to produce bold, jet black lines. With the Jumbo Jet Black Pencil, you can watch as dark charcoal glides from pencil to paper. Each pencil has been made carefully to be durable and strong with a special extra-break resistant tip. This durability is great for architects, engineers and contractors needing to make detailed technical drawings or edits on the job site. With a pencil like this, it will quickly become an asset for anyone working with technical drawings. 

But is this pencil versatile? Yes it is. For quick sketches, bigger is better! Shade in dark areas quicker or make the defining lines of your sketch permanent the first time. The oversized tip makes drawing smooth, dark lines incredibly easy. 

Right now you might be saying "But I really prefer to draw in ink. I need a pen for my sketches." Well, we've thought of that too and have the perfect tools for you too! 

Isomars Technoart Pens


If you haven't heard of Isomars yet, well, you must be new to technical drawing. They are one of the leading manufacturers of technical drawing and design instruments in the world. Newly created, they've just released the Isomars Technoart Pens, pen sets and accessories. For professional use or just to get precise line applications, these pens are engineered to give you the most precise lines for small and intricate designs, technical drawings, illustrations and other drafting applications. 

These precise pens are not the 1mm pens or ballpoints that you're probably used to. Isomars Technoart Pens' tip sizes range from 1.2mm to 0.1mm. With a 0.1mm tip, you might as well be drawing at an a microscopic level with the amount of fine detail you can draw or sketch with. 

A pen like this might sound pretty expensive. At other art stores, you can expect to find a technical drawing pen with a 0.2mm or 0.3mm for upwards of forty five dollars. But at Jerry's, you can get an even better deal- A Technoart Technical Pen, a bottle of rich black ink and Isomars Circle Template for less than a third of what'd you expect to pay! That's an unbeatable deal for a professional grade technical drawing pen. And if you don't want to purchase them individually, sets of 4 and 8 are also available at great prices!

If you're looking to kickstart your technical drawing career or simply improve your sketching, it's imperative you get the best tools to do so. These are those tools and will revolutionize the ways you draw!


Can you imagine capturing detail like this? (Done with Technoart Pen)

Have you tried either of these technical drawing tools? We really want to hear about it! Let us know what you think of them in the comments below. 


Go Back to School with Jerry's!

Save on all of your art supplies this Semester

As school starts back up this January, teachers will be coming to their students with brand new art supply lists. At Jerry's Artarama, you can find everything you need for teachers and students! We have colored pencils, brushes, paints, bags, paper, pencils and more. What items are on your back to school shopping supply list?


We've collected all of the best art supplies and materials for every sort of class at Jerry's and should be your back to school shopping headquarters. To make shopping even easier, Jerry's Artarama even has a way to help teachers get their students everything they need. Through the teacher's cart system, teachers can set up class supply lists for their students to get all of their supplies in one spot! Students can simply find their class and see everything on the supply list. We know teachers have it tough already, so Jerry's is here to help simplify getting their students more organized with just one click.


Art students can find all of their supplies at discounted prices. Why pay more for student grade paints when you can get professional grade artist paints for the same price? For both teachers and students, Lukas paints are the best option. Lukas paints are a much better option compared to the cheap hobby paints most teachers will have their students buying. With a higher pigment load, a smooth consistency and more brilliant colors, Lukas is the best option for any art class. So why pay more for less quality? Teachers, make the wise choice and put Lukas in your teacher's cart!


 We also carry a full list of great products all at discounted prices perfect for back to school shopping. Products like:

We have made it easy: See our list of Back To Art Class Supply Essentials

  • Strathmore Drawing and Sketching Pads
  • Vanish 4-in-1 Erasers - We receive so many amazing comments about this one!
  • RAS Acrylic and Tempera Paint
  • First Impressions Complete Art Set
  • The Fundamentals Children's Easel
  • Paramount Canvas Value Packs
  • Paintbrushes and Palette Knives
  • Canvas and Surfaces - Practica Canvas is your best choice on this one!
  • Paints - Lukas, Matisse, and Soho!
  • And so much more, all at Jerry's Artarama

So save this semester at Jerry's.

Teachers, why pay more for your paints and supplies when you can shop at Jerry's and find the right supplies up in quality, not in price. Remember only at Jerry's Artarama,

Save More, Create More.TM

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