Artist Spotlight with Charlie Spear and Charvin Oil Colors Review

Charlie Spear only uses Charvin Oils in his Fine Art Painting

Charlie Spear was born in 1948 in the Midwest. The Era of Modern Art was in full swing with the Sixties generating an artistic smorgasbord of art styles and new media. Much of his early career was spent learning about art through teaching art. His imagery grew out of early television and graphic media. Spear paints both as a landscape painter and an abstractionist which characterizes his eclectic tendencies. Philip Guston has had an influence on his art more recently. Exploring the art media's physical qualities is an important element in his style coupled with an atavistic love of an expressionistic drawing style. The result is a charged surface of automatic line energy and raw cartoon color expressionism



Memories of Canyon Road (Santa Fe) 16x20 on Masonite Panel Using Charvin Oils


His work is a reflection of familiar events in a life among those six individuals who connect him to the larger human population. His imprinting from childhood via the funnies, hero/heroine- comic books and "good against evil" cartoon movies are mostly the visual underpinnings of his work.

His recent art has moved towards graphic imagery reminiscent of 1950-60 comics. His landscapes are quiet and solitary. Humor and satire are evident in his paints in which people are the subject. 


Spring Eel Marsh 16x20 on Masonite Panel with Charvin Paints


Charvin- "I would not use any other paints."

"I started using Charvin oil paints about 6 months ago. It is not an understatement to say I would not use any other paints.

I have used Matisse, Winsor Newton, Winton, Liquitex and a few others. Charvin has a consistency that I really like and strong pigmentation. I can glaze with it or use it alla prima impasto. The Best!"

-Charlie Spear



Charvin Oil Colors are made without compromise from some of the oldest continually used paint recipes, utilizing some of the oldest continually used paint recipes, utilizing only the finest in select pigments and a blend of linseed and non-yellowing poppy oil. Pigments are triple-milled and combined to forma  natural progression of colors perfect for any artists' needs- a wide range that allows for use in both traditional techniques and modern expression, and is especially ideal for plein air painting as the shades closely duplicate the brilliance of and freshness of color from the world around. Highly concentrated Charvin Oil Colors can be used straight from the tube: ever consistent, clean and beautiful- and less time spend fussing with color means more time spent on the creative process!

For more information on Charlie Spear, check out or purchase his art:





Happy Birthday Michelangelo!

Today we celebrate a great Artist!

If he were alive today, he would have been 539 years old, but Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni has already completed more in his lifetime than many of us can dream to. Michelangelo was renowned as an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, engineer and poet during the High Renaissance. He is considered one of the greatest artists of all time. 

Michelangelo lived from March 6, 1475-February 18, 1564 and died at the age of 88. He's renowned for being one of the top artists of the High Renaissance. He was a true Renaissance man as his great works range from sculpture to painting to poetry and even architecture. His famous works include the sculpture of David, Pieta, the painting of Madonna with Child, The Last Judgment and the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. He fancied himself a sculptor and had a lower opinion of painting despite painting two very famous frescos: The Last Judgment and the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. 

His Finest Works:


The Statue of David


Madonna and Child




The Last Judgment


The Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel


Which work of art by Michelangelo is your favorite? What are you doing to celebrate his birthday? Create your own masterpieces in his style with the best supplies from Jerry's Artarama.

For more fun and interesting information on Michelangelo, be sure to check out Did You Know- Michelangelo



Impasto Techniques the Masters Used

Which Masters Used Impasto and How You Can Too

Impasto is a technique used in painting where paint is laid on thickly to give a painting texture and an almost 3D effect. It can be accomplished with mediums such as acrylic, oil, or gouache. Early in painting, it was thought that the image being captured was more important than the medium it was painted with. Attention was drawn to the subject instead of the paint and canvas itself. 

The first notable artist to start painting with the Impasto technique was Rembrandt. In one of his self portraits from 1659. Thicker brush strokes are clearly visible across his face to give himself a weathered look.

Claude Monet also used Impasto. He would add layer on layer of paint to add depth and give his paintings a "relief" effect to his paintings. 

Impasto techniques became even more popular during the impressionist movement during the late 1800s where paint was quickly added to the canvas and the medium and thick brush strokes used more paint than needed. Vincent Van Gogh was notable for painting with thick brush strokes and instead of layering paint, he would even squeeze his paint directly from the tube to the canvas.


And followed up in the 1900s, Jackson Pollock used impasto in his abstract art using thick drips, smears and quick swipes with his brush. Some of his paint drips were so thick and heavy, that Museums and collectors are having problems preserving his work.

Preserving Impasto can be a challenge and preserving it quickly can be even more of a challenge. However, with Weber Permalba Fast Drying Impasto Gelartists can now use thicker amounts of oil paints and make their own impasto paintings without waiting for weeks for the oil paint to dry. By mixing in the fast drying impasto gel with the oil paint on the palette, painters will now only have to wait 2-4 hours for their paint to dry instead of days to weeks waiting for it to dry. It really is an indispensable addition to any painter's supply, with great results. It also can make opaque colors more transparent and can add a shine to your work. Permalba Fast Drying Impasto Gel is only available through Jerry's Artarama, a real Jerry's Exclusive.

And for varnishing your painting and saving colors from yellowing, don't forget about the Gamblin Gamvar and Gamsol Power Pack which has the fastest drying semi gloss to preserve your paintings. Jerry's Artarama has the right tools you need to preserve your Impasto Paintings so that you can continue to create masterpieces just like these Impasto masters!

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