Paint Your Easter Eggs with Watercolor for Better Results

Create Artistic Easter Eggs with Easy Designs

While dying eggs may be fun, it's far from artistic. However, with watercolors, painting hard boiled eggs can become true works of art!

Using watercolor paints and watercolor pencils, you can now create fantastic designs, patters and scenes easily. It is a great project for kids to share in without the mess of all those messy dyes. 

Materials: Watercolor paints, hardboiled eggs, and a smaller watercolor brush (we've found that Rounds work the best).


Step 1: Lay down a nice background with soft, bright colors on your hardboiled egg. The watercolors should spread on easily, especially if you're painting with Turner Artist Watercolors, SoHo Watercolors or Winsor and Newton Watercolor paints.

Step 2: While your paint is still wet, add in designs with either your watercolor paint or watercolor pencils for especially fine details. If you let the colors drip, you can create a wash and see the colors disperse in neat ways that you can't get with dye.

Step 3: Let them dry and enjoy!

Fun tips:

  • Mix wet paints together to get a fun, marbled look.
  • Dip the eggs in water, and while wet, add watercolors to them to make fun swirls.
  • If using watercolor pencils, be sure to go lightly on them so as not to crack the egg shell. 
  • Find everyday items with irregular textures to remove paint from your eggs (with a watercolor wash) such as crinkled up newspaper or a plastic bag.


Disclaimer: some watercolor paints contain lead and other dangerous to consume materials. So please, do not eat these painted eggs, but feel free to enjoy them for their aesthetic beauty.


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Did You Know- Vincent Van Gogh

Little Known Facts About One of Our Favorite Painters!

Yesterday was Vincent Van Gogh's birthday! And while we know that he is  the father of Post-Impressionism and the painter of such favorite paintings as Starry Night, sunflowers, wheat fields, self portraits and cypress trees, there are still a lot of interesting facts that fall to the wayside. So, for your entertainment, here are some fun and intriguing facts about one of the greatest painters to have ever lived.

Van Gogh was born March 30, 1853 and died July 29, 1890 at the young age of 37.

Van Gogh was born in Holland.

He was supposed to follow his father's footsteps and become a pastor. And while he didn't follow his father, he didn't start painting until he was about 27.

Van Gogh painted his most famous masterpiece, Starry Night, while residing in a mental institution

Vincent only sold one painting during his lifetime.

He painted approximately 900 paintings in only about 10 years, thats amazing!

When he was a child, Vincent had to walk past a tombstone with his own name on it on the way to school- the tombstone belonged to his brother with the same name who died as an infant.

Vincent was good friends with another famous painter, Paul Gauguin

The story of Van Gogh cutting off his own ear may have actually been false as new evidence suggests it was his friend, Paul Gauguin who cut his earlobe off.

Van Gogh has painted over 30 self portraits of himself between 1886 and 1889. Narcissistic much? He should have entered our Self Portrait Contest as he would have surely won.

Vincent was known for eccentrically wearing candles on his hat so that he could paint at night.

Van Gogh used LUKAS oil colors and wrote this to his brother Theo about them in 1885:

"I have ordered colors from Schoenfeld [LUKAS] in Düsseldorf, as there were some colors which I couldn´t get here…the picture with the potato eaters is not good in some details…I should have had a better result with the mineral blue that I have now [from LUKAS], instead of the old one."

- Vincent van Gogh


Jerry's Artarama carries many products under the Van Gogh name including:

One of the strangest things about Van Gogh's supposed suicide is that he might have been in fact, murdered. It is now thought and speculated that a local teen bully may have murdered him. Evidence points out that no gun was found where he was shot, his hands showed no signs of gun burns, and because he would have been unable to hold the gun close enough to his body to shoot himself. However, the verdict is still out. 

To learn more about Vincent Van Gogh, check out The Post Impressionists: Vincent Van Gogh DVD.



Blind Painter Able to Paint Again

After Going Blind, Artist Uses Texture to Complete Beautiful Paintings


In 2001, as a result of Epilepsy, artist John Bramblitt went blind. Now, while it is easy to see how blindness could ruin the career of a visual artist, going blind was actually the catalyst to begin his career as a visual artist. His art has been sold in over twenty countries and he has been featured in news, print and even appeared on the Evening News with Katie Couric.


"Functionally blind," meaning that he can only tell the difference between light and darkness, John Bramblitt paints in a completely unique way. He uses textured paints to feel his way around the canvas. And you might be asking how he can tell which paint is which. The answer to that is by labeling his paints and paint tubes with Braille.

 He is able to mix paint by measuring out certain mixtures and mixing them comparing it to how someone would when cooking or baking. 


"Basically what I have to do is replace everything that the eyes would do for a sighted artist with the sense of touch." Says Bramblitt, "when you break it down, the eyes really only do two things for a painter; they allow you to know your placement on a canvas, and it allows you to determine color.


Bramblitt has experienced lots of success since starting painting. His paintings have sold internationally in over twenty countries, and he has been the subject to documentaries, New York Times Articles, the Evening News with At his first art show, he didn't even tell people he was blind.

Line of Sight 

To find out more about John Bramblitt, check out his website at bramblit.myshopify.com.

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