Happy Birthday Leonardo da Vinci


Celebrating the master painter Leonardo da Vinci on his 563rd birthday!

Here in the US, we mainly mark April 15th as the dreaded Tax Day — but a brighter way to remember this auspicious day is as the birthday of the lauded Renaissance master painter, Leonardo da Vinci!

Born on April 15th, 1452, Leonardo is perhaps the most recognized artist in the world. Not only was he a staggeringly talented painter, he was also a skilled scientist and genius inventor, greatly increasing the knowledge of the time on subjects such as anatomy, weaponry, geology, mathematics, and so much more. In a very real way, Leonardo da Vinci was the original Renaissance Man!

Leonardo has been an inspiration to millions over the centuries — not only in artistic and scientific ideas, but as an icon of all that we feel a genius artist should stand for: invention, innovation, and a dedication to beauty. (Not to mention inspiring countless copies like this one of the Mona Lisa). But his household name is also used to imply these qualities in products — and here we've picked out a few of our favorites!

Some of our very favorite art supplies are named after our favorite Renaissance man; from oil paints and watercolors to kids' art supplies and studio easels, the name "da Vinci" marks them all!


Da Vinci painting supplies

Da Vinci studio supplies


So on this fresh spring day, think not of taxes and W-2's — think of everyone's favorite master painter, and the art, ideas, and materials he's inspired throughout the years. Then join us in wishing him a very Happy Birthday, Leonardo da Vinci!


Turn to Turner

Did you know you can turn 12 colors to 120?

Every artist has some fun mixing colors, and part of the fun of it is exploring the different hues we can create. However, this can also be quite frustrating when we can't make the exact color we're looking for. If only there was a way to make this conundrum go away...

But now there is! With the aptly named "Turner Smart Set", you can now turn 12 standard acryl gouache colors into 120 and get the same, careful and exact results every time. The set includes a pack of color mixing cards that contains the recipes for 120 different colors that can be mixed and matched with only the 12 colors that arrive in the set. But the set doesn't just come with paints, but all you see here:


The set includes the unique color mixing cards that provide amazing mixing results.


Here's how it works:

It's so easy and will make your art better with quick and easy color mixing for finding the precise colors you're looking for. Check out all of our Turner Acryl Gouache Sets and be sure to check out the rest of our great Turner products!



Painter Michelle Courier in Jerry's Artist Spotlight


Artist Michelle Courier has been painting with acrylics since she started painting in college at the University of Michigan.  " I was the ONLY student using acrylics then and I was determined to use them against my instructors wishes" said Michelle. I have used many different brands of acrylics throughout my professional career, and came across the Charvin Acrylics line at Jerry's online at www.JerrysArtarama.com and decided to try a few. 


Michelle Courier painting with Charvin Acrylics

After using the beautiful, richly hued paints I bought the entire acrylic line!  The pigment in the paint is incredibly rich and lush!  The hues are unique and I am able to use them directly from the tube without mixing the colors as much. This makes it much easier if I need to repaint an area later on that might need touching up. The blues and greens are just absolutely beautiful to paint water with!  The richness of the pigment is incredible! Charvin Acrylics makes my paintings more beautiful for sure!


Michelle has paintings displayed worldwide in many private and public collections and is represented by many galleries in the US including Art Obsessions in Truckee, CA, the Freed Gallery in Lincoln City, OR, and the C2C Gallery in Grand Haven, MI.

See more of Michelle's paintings using Charvin Acrylics below.

Water, 30x30", acrylic by Michelle Courier 

Lake Tahoe by Michelle Courier, 36x36" acrylic

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